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Luxury Rental Manhattan Hampton Court Garden

Hampton Court's Garden

Check out this rental in the Hamptons: called the Pearlroth House, and sometimes the Double Diamond House for obvious reasons, this landmark was designed by Andrew Geller back in 1958.  Mr. Geller’s innovative designs were known for incorporating non-traditional elements with context awareness, the latter of which is doubly important for the beach houses for which he’s most known.

How Much are Apartments Renting for in NYC?

NYC Rental Apartments

As we expected to happen sooner rather than later, Manhattan rents have stabilized, bringing an end to the sixth month slide that began in August of 2013, according to a report by Jonathan Miller. Instead of the median rental price for the borough continuing to decline, March saw the median price rise by 0.2 percent from the same time last year, now sitting at $3,200 per month, nearly the same as last year’s median of $3,195. The median rental price for Manhattan last Februrary was $3,100.

Update: Dock Street Site In DUMBO

Big news in Brooklyn: Two Trees Management Company began building on the Dock Street site in DUMBO. This building had received plentiful opposition because it will be blocking views of the Brooklyn Bridge. Celebrities even chimed into the decided opposition with protesters including, Helen Hunt, Gabriel Byrne, Gary Sinise, Ana Gasteyer, and more. Surviving this opposition, the Dock Street mixed-use building is currently ascending into the rendering that was released late last year.

17 Displaced Renters of Atlantic Yards Headed Back to the Neighborhood

The Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn was one of the most contentious real estate developments seen in New York City in recent times, with critics lashing out at the 22-acre project that would see commercial office space, residential housing and a swanky sports arena arrive in Downtown Brooklyn. Of the three components of the Forest City Ratner project, the Barclays Center arena opened up a few months ago, and now, the next in line seems to be the housing units, with the first Atlantic Yards apartment building scheduled to be open by summer 2014.  

Developer Anoints Long Island City as New 'Cornerstone' of NYC

Breathtaking views of Manhattan from new Long Island City rental. New York City is at the forefront of real estate innovation; a fact that can be seen in each of the city’s five boroughs--Manhattan is known for its dazzling skyscrapers while Brooklyn emanates a quirky charm. It’s Queens however, that is about to rise above the rest. TF Cornerstone recently announced that development of its 41 story rental at 4545 Center Boulevard in Long Island City is well ahead of schedule. The building is an integral part of the company’s 21 acre East Coast Development project; earning the title of TF Cornerstone’s fifth and largest building.

Conversion Provides Relief For Manhattan Renters

290mulberryFor many Manhattan residents, finding a New York City apartment can seem like a near impossibility, as rents are currently at historic highs. However, several new rental buildings are beginning to surface, with 2,596 new units joining the Manhattan market in 2012. Although vacancy rates are at all-time lows, these new Manhattan rental apartments will surely provide renters with a fresh array of options. This is good news in the long-run too: more inventory means that all that pent-up demand for Manhattan rentals will finally have an outlet. If this trend of new construction and pre-war conversion continues, it will definitely help Manhattan’s sky-high rents come down to earth.

Avenues School Looks to Transform West Chelsea

Avenues: The World School will transform West ChelseaStarting in the fall of 2012, a world-class K-12 school will take root in West Chelsea, the first of its kind in this up-and-coming neighborhood. Apartment renters near the Avenues School, a “global school” that aims to build an international network of 20 schools all over the world, will find themselves next to one of the most innovative and forward-thinking New York City schools in recent memory. West Chelsea has already undergone a revolution of sorts thanks to the High Line Parknew construction of high-end luxury rental apartments has flourished in the past half-dozen years – but the Avenues School will usher in the next phase of transforming West Chelsea into a full-fledged neighborhood.