Apartment Features

Built-in Closets

From storing all your books to hanging all your shirts and pants,having built-in closets is a popular and cost effective way of storing and organizing all your personal belongings.      


Having a balcony in New York City is a priceless feature.  Whether you’re just coming home from a long days work or hosting a dinner party, having the option to go onto your private balcony to enjoy a refreshing drink or admire a breathtaking view should be every New Yorkers dream.

Central AC

The invention of central air-conditioning is the best thing since sliced bread.  Having this feature allows the capability of cooling multiple rooms, without having those clunky window units.  Central air saves you money on your electric bill and saves you time installing and removing clunky window units.    

Custom Countertops

Nothing defines your kitchen better than countertops.  Trendy countertops today, feature granite or stone tops, that create a fancy look while providing years of easy cleanup and reliability.

Dining Area

Having a separate dining area serves many purposes.  Keeping the table and chairs out of the kitchen provides the cook more space to prepare and gives the family a nice space to have family dinners and holiday parties.  


The invention of dishwashers have made cleanup much easier and faster for many families, allowing them more time after meals to take on other tasks.


Nothing speaks comfort and relaxation better than fireplaces.  Fireplaces have been installed in homes for hundreds of years and are commonly found in pre-war dwellings.  Fireplaces provide the perfect compliment for any home or decor style.  

Fitness Center

Having a fitness center in or near your home is highly sought after by many people.  Most new construction developments are providing gyms for its residents, providing people convenient options for getting in shape.

Floor to ceiling windows

Having floor to ceiling windows provides great views, natural light, and warmth, creating a relaxing, breath taking experience all year long.


Finding a home with a garage in NYC is a difficult thing to find.  Having a garage space saves the owner the hassle of finding a parking space.  Additionally it saves your vehicle from unwanted dents and scratches, while protecting it from weather elements.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are trending really high as the demand for carpeting is declining.  The benefits of having hardwood floors, is the visual appeal, upkeep, and easy cleanup from spills or pets.

High Ceilings

Having high ceilings in your home,takes home decorating to a whole new level.  From tall plants to recessed lighting, people can create the ultimate and elegant living space.

High Speed Internet

As more people work from home, having high speed internet has become more essential than ever.  Internet providers and local governments have been working together to make sure the most up to date and efficient service is available for all residents.  

High Speed Telecommunications Options

People living on the east coast, especially NYC, require everything to be done fast and efficient, especially high speed telecommunications.  Providers are spending a lot of money in research in order to provide the best service and options for all buildings and its customers.

In-Home Sound System

In home sound systems provide quality, convenience, and save space.  Speakers are installed throughout the home and can be controlled from almost every room , providing the ultimate experience for music enthusiasts.  

Individual Air Conditioning and Heating

Having individual air conditioning and heating allows the owner the option of controlling the climate one room at tonight.  This option is good for catering to the needs of each individual in addition to saving money on your heating and electric bill.

IPod Docking Station

Ipods took the world by storm in the early 2000’s.  Almost every home in the world has at least one ipod and newer homes are being built with docking stations to provide an easy way to play your favorite songs.