New York City Luxury Rental Blog

430 Albee Square Arrives in Downtown Brooklyn

Brooklyn has always been considered the perfect medium between the busy blocks of Manhattan and the spread-out streets of a suburb. Now, 430 Albee Square offers a new opportunity to live in this vibrant, culture-filled area in Downtown Brooklyn.

The Newest Addition to Murray Hill, Theater House

Need a home on the bustling streets of Midtown, but still want an oasis where you can escape the hectic city? Murray Hill is perfectly centered in the middle of Midtown while also being just a short walk away from several parks and the East River. One of the neighborhood's newest developments, Theater House, is not only located in a convenient location but also features amenities and lavish finishes that elevates this new tower into one of the best places to live in Midtown


The Easton Offers New Opportunities to Call the Upper East Side Home

The Upper East Side is continuing to welcome new sky-reaching towers to its quintessential NYC streets. The Easton is one of area’s newest additions and is one of the tallest. The modern structure adds to the skyline and brings a new sense of luxury to the area.  

House No. 94 Blends Environmentally-Conscious Living with Luxury

Living an environmentally-conscious life in the city without sacrificing luxury is more possible than ever before thanks to new buildings like House No. 94. At 94 North 3rd Street, House No. 94 is a new modern Energy Star-rated development that includes environmentally friendly features for those who are looking to go green in the city.

Long Island City's Fabulous Forge Still Has Apartments Available

As new buildings continue to rise throughout city, finding that quaint and quiet neighborhood feel while still enjoying the convenience and efficiency of NYC can be difficult. Thanks to recent Long Island City addition The Forge, discovering this feeling has become a little easier.  

Exclusive Brooklyn Heights Luxury at 153 Remsen Street

More high-end luxury homes are coming to Brooklyn, with 153 Remsen Street being one of the newest and hottest additions.

Luxury Rolls into the Lower East Side with The Rollins

The Manhattan skyline as we know it has changed as a result of the many new construction developments that have risen in recent years, and the Lower East Side has been home to many of these new beautiful buildings. The Rollins is LES’s newest addition and although it doesn’t stretch far into the sky, this 16-story rental has brought a new standard of luxury to the area.

Solari Brings New Luxurious Homes to Midtown

Looking for a home where the best parts of the city are just steps away? Solari is a new rental development located in the heart of Manhattan among some of the city's most famous sky-reaching towers and fast-moving streets.

Tower28 Gives Long Island City Residents a Taste of Manhattan

Long Island City is rapidly becoming one of the hottest parts of the city to call home. Tower28 is one of the newest rental developments in this area and it resembles the glass towers more commonly found along the streets of Manhattan. This glass building is located at 42-12 28th Street, and stands 58 stories tall bringing in a total of 477 new homes to the booming neighborhood.

Hoyt & Horn Offers Another Opportunity to Call Downtown Brooklyn Home

Downtown Brooklyn is booming with new buildings and this new lavish development at 45 Hoyt Street makes for a great addition to the neighborhood with its industrial-inspired exterior and wide windows.