New York Apartments for Rent by Number of Bedrooms

Like NYC dwellers themselves, apartments for rent in New York City come in a dazzling variety of shapes and sizes. Manhattan apartment rental listings on Luxury Rentals Manhattan run the full NYC-apartment gamut, from cozy rental studios in Chelsea to two-bedroom rentals in Greenwich Village to sprawling five-bedroom apartments on the Upper East Side. So, how will you know which Manhattan rental listing is right for you, or which Manhattan apartment is your Manhattan apartment?

Trusting your instincts is a good start. If you're flying solo, a studio apartment or one-bedroom apartment rental is a good choice. If you're moving in with someone special -- or just a roommate or two -- two-bedroom and three-bedroom rental apartments offer additional living space and cost-sharing opportunities. Four-bedroom and five-bedroom rental apartments are among the more sought-after prizes in NYC real estate, but for good reason, since they are ideal for growing families looking for a place to call their own in Manhattan.

Luxury Rentals Manhattan's advanced apartment listing search ensures that whatever your needs and whatever your neighborhood of choice, you'll be able to find your Manhattan rental apartment at Luxury Rentals Manhattan.