NYC Rental Apartments Near Bars and Clubs in Gramercy Park

The late-night establishments in Manhattan’s Gramercy Park neighborhood draw people from all over the city, which is why it has one of the busiest and most exciting nightlife scenes in Manhattan. For renters looking to party once night falls, this neighborhood fits the bill.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
230 Fifth 230 Fifth Avenue $3,200/mo. $4,295/mo. $4,550/mo. $6,395/mo.
Avenue 116 10th Avenue $3,150/mo. $3,695/mo. $3,995/mo. $6,995/mo.
Bounce 55 W 21st St $3,575/mo. $4,695/mo. $4,995/mo. $6,395/mo.
Club Climax 43 West 21st Street $3,575/mo. $4,695/mo. $4,995/mo. $6,395/mo.
Craftbar 900 Broadway $3,200/mo. $4,695/mo. $5,195/mo. $6,395/mo.
Duo 72 Madison Avenue $3,200/mo. $3,795/mo. $4,550/mo. $5,995/mo.
Duvet Club 45 West 21street $3,200/mo. $3,795/mo. $5,195/mo. $6,995/mo.
Eden Lounge 28 W. 33rd Street $3,935/mo. $4,078/mo. $4,550/mo. $17,500/mo.
Eleven Madison Park 11 Madison Avenue $3,200/mo. $4,135/mo. $4,550/mo. $6,395/mo.
Flatiron Lounge 37 West 19th Street $3,575/mo. $4,695/mo. $4,995/mo. $6,395/mo.
Gramercy Park Hotel Private Roof Club 2 Lexington Ave $3,200/mo. $3,795/mo. $5,195/mo. $6,395/mo.
La Birreria 200 5th Ave $3,200/mo. $4,295/mo. $5,195/mo. $6,395/mo.
La Pomme 37 West 26th Street $3,200/mo. $4,395/mo. $5,195/mo. $6,395/mo.
Lilium 201 Park Ave South $3,895/mo. $4,695/mo. $5,195/mo. $6,395/mo.
Raines Law Room 48 W 17th St $3,575/mo. $5,000/mo. $4,995/mo. $15,615/mo.
Retreat 37 West 17th Street $3,575/mo. $5,000/mo. $4,995/mo. $15,615/mo.
Room Service 35 East 21st Street $3,200/mo. $4,695/mo. $5,195/mo. $6,395/mo.
Rose Bar 2 Lexington Avenue $3,200/mo. $3,795/mo. $5,195/mo. $6,395/mo.
Rye House 11 West 17th Street $3,575/mo. $4,695/mo. $4,995/mo. $6,395/mo.
Strata 915 Broadway $3,200/mo. $4,695/mo. $5,195/mo. $6,395/mo.
The 40/40 Club 6 W. 25th St. $3,200/mo. $4,295/mo. $5,195/mo. $6,395/mo.
The Cellar at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese 900 Broadway $3,200/mo. $4,695/mo. $5,195/mo. $6,395/mo.