NYC Rental Apartments Near Bars and Clubs in Chelsea

The late-night establishments in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood draw people from all over the city, which is why it has one of the busiest and most exciting nightlife scenes in Manhattan. This area comes alive at night, and the local bars and clubs here collectively form a great cultural scene.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
1 Oak 453 W. 17th Street $3,873/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Abe and Arthur’s 409 W 14th Street $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Amnesia 609 West 29th Street $3,600/mo. $4,425/mo. $6,995/mo.
Bathtub Gin 132 9th Ave $3,873/mo. $5,270/mo. $8,550/mo. $15,750/mo.
Elevate NYC 390 8th Avenue $3,600/mo. $3,827/mo. $7,510/mo.
Marquee 289 10th Avenue $3,600/mo. $4,425/mo. $6,995/mo.
Norwood Club 241 West 14th Street $4,695/mo. $5,620/mo. $8,980/mo.
Promenade 215 W 28th St $3,600/mo. $4,518/mo. $7,538/mo. $6,995/mo.
SL 409 W 14th St $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Stash 246 W 14th St $4,850/mo. $5,450/mo. $8,980/mo. $15,750/mo.
The Darby 244 W 14th St $4,695/mo. $5,620/mo. $8,980/mo.
Velour 297 10th Avenue $3,600/mo. $4,425/mo. $6,995/mo.