NYC Rental Apartments Near Bars and Clubs in East Village

The late-night establishments in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood draw people from all over the city, which is why it has one of the busiest and most exciting nightlife scenes in Manhattan. This area comes alive at night, and the local bars and clubs here collectively form a great cultural scene.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Angel's Share 8 Stuyvesant St $4,300/mo. $5,263/mo. $11,025/mo. $11,000/mo.
Bedlam 40 Avenue C $2,895/mo. $4,148/mo. $4,450/mo. $5,700/mo.
Big Bar 75 E 7th St $3,150/mo. $3,650/mo. $9,365/mo. $12,100/mo.
Booker & Dax 207 2nd Ave $3,150/mo. $3,650/mo. $29,950/mo. $11,000/mo.
Bua 122 St Marks Pl $3,150/mo. $3,650/mo. $9,350/mo. $11,675/mo.
Death + Company 433 E 6th St $3,150/mo. $3,650/mo. $7,329/mo.
El Cobre East 6th Street $3,150/mo. $3,650/mo. $9,365/mo. $12,100/mo.
Ella 9 Ave A $3,150/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,450/mo. $5,700/mo.
Le Souk 510 Laguardia Place $5,250/mo. $9,350/mo. $11,675/mo.
Please Don't Tell 113 St. Marks Pl $3,150/mo. $3,650/mo. $9,350/mo. $11,675/mo.
Salon Hecho 356 Bowery $2,850/mo. $5,077/mo. $4,610/mo. $12,100/mo.
Saxon and Parole 316 Bowery $2,850/mo. $5,705/mo. $4,610/mo.
Sunburnt Cow 137 137 Avenue C $2,895/mo. $5,250/mo. $9,350/mo. $11,675/mo.
Ten Degrees Bar 121 St. Marks Pl $3,150/mo. $3,650/mo. $9,350/mo. $11,675/mo.
Terroir 413 East 12th Street $3,150/mo. $3,650/mo. $9,350/mo. $11,000/mo.
The Beagle 162 Avenue A $3,150/mo. $3,650/mo. $9,350/mo. $11,675/mo.
The Blind Barber 339 E 10th St $3,150/mo. $3,650/mo. $9,350/mo. $11,675/mo.
The Summit 133 Avenue C $2,895/mo. $5,250/mo. $9,350/mo. $11,675/mo.
The Wayland 700 East 9th Street $2,895/mo. $5,250/mo. $9,350/mo. $11,675/mo.
The Wren 344 Bowery $2,850/mo. $5,077/mo. $4,610/mo.
Velvet Cigar Lounge 80 East 7th Street $3,150/mo. $3,650/mo. $15,500/mo. $12,100/mo.