NYC Rental Apartments Near Bars and Clubs in West Village

The late-night establishments in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood draw people from all over the city, which is why it has one of the busiest and most exciting nightlife scenes in Manhattan. For renters looking to party once night falls, this neighborhood fits the bill.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
49 Grove 49 Grove Street $5,440/mo. $5,495/mo. $8,995/mo.
AJNA Club 25 Little West 12th Street $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Boom Boom Room 848 Washington St $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Cielo 18 Little W 12th St $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Daddy-O 44 Bedford St. $5,440/mo. $5,495/mo. $8,995/mo.
Ditch Plains 29 Bedford St $5,440/mo. $5,495/mo. $8,995/mo.
Double Seven 63 Gansevoort Street $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Employees Only 510 Hudson St $4,575/mo. $5,375/mo. $8,995/mo.
Gottino 52 Greenwich Ave $4,695/mo. $5,495/mo. $8,980/mo.
Griffin 50 Gansevoort $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Hotel Gansevoort 18 9th Ave $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Kiss and Fly 409 W. 13th Street $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Le Bain 848 Washington St $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Little Branch 22 7th Ave S $5,440/mo. $5,495/mo. $8,995/mo.
Pastis 9 9th Avenue $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Provocateur 18 9th Avenue $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
RDV 409 W 13th St $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
STK 26 Little W 12th Street $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
Tenjune 26 Little W 12th Street $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
The Bunker Club 24 9th Ave $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
The Electric Room 335 W 16th St $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo.
The Haberdasher 5 Ninth Ave $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo. $15,750/mo.
The Jane Ballroom 113 Jane St $4,575/mo. $4,825/mo. $7,895/mo.