New York City Rental Apartments Near Gyms in Upper East Side

Renters living in Upper East Side apartments will appreciate its abundance of state-of-the-art fitness centers. Meeting your fitness goals will be much easier if you rent an apartment near a gym in Manhattan.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Edge 403 East 91st Street $3,100/mo. $3,200/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,250/mo.
Equinox 1429 2nd Avenue 1429 2nd Avenue $2,800/mo. $3,850/mo. $4,000/mo. $11,500/mo.
Equinox 203 East 85th Street 203 East 85th Street $3,000/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,600/mo. $8,000/mo.
Equinox 817 Lexington Avenue 817 Lexington Avenue $2,800/mo. $4,200/mo. $5,200/mo. $8,500/mo.
MonQi Fitness 201 East 67th Street $2,800/mo. $4,400/mo. $4,000/mo. $6,050/mo.
NYSC 151 East 86th Street 151 East 86th Street $3,000/mo. $3,200/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,000/mo.
NYSC 1637 3rd Avenue 1637 3rd Avenue $3,000/mo. $3,200/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,000/mo.
NYSC 349 East 76th Street 349 East 76th Street $3,700/mo. $5,300/mo. $11,750/mo.
NYSC 502 Park Avenue 502 Park Avenue $3,650/mo. $4,100/mo. $6,050/mo. $13,000/mo.