NYC Apartments for Rent Near High Schools in Lower East Side

Lower East Side has a variety of high schools where Manhattan apartment renters can send their adolescents. Many great high schools call New York City home, so we spent a lot of time and effort to assemble this database to introduce you to what’s around.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Bard High School Early College 525 East Houston Street $3,400/mo.
Cascade Center for Teaching and Learning 198 Forsyth Street $3,900/mo. $2,950/mo. $3,700/mo. $25,000/mo.
Castle 220 Henry Street $4,100/mo.
Complex Model School Project 145 Stanton Street $3,600/mo. $2,950/mo. $4,350/mo. $8,250/mo.
Dual Language & Asian Studies High School 350 Grand Street $2,950/mo. $4,450/mo. $8,250/mo.
Dual Language & Asian Studies High School 350 Grand Street $2,950/mo. $4,450/mo. $8,250/mo.
High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies 350 Grand Street $2,950/mo. $4,450/mo. $8,250/mo.
Lower East Side Prepatory High School 145 Stanton Street $3,600/mo. $2,950/mo. $4,350/mo. $8,250/mo.
Lower Manhattan Arts Academy 350 Grand Street $2,950/mo. $4,450/mo. $8,250/mo.
Manhattan Charter School 100 Attorney Street $3,400/mo. $2,950/mo. $4,350/mo. $8,250/mo.
Marte Valle Secondary School 145 Stanton Street $3,600/mo. $2,950/mo. $4,350/mo. $8,250/mo.
Mevista Tifereth Jerusalem 145 East Broadway $4,100/mo.
NESTM 111 Columbia Street $3,400/mo. $4,350/mo. $4,350/mo.
New Design High School 350 Grand Street $2,950/mo. $4,450/mo. $8,250/mo.
P.S. 94 442 East Houston Street $3,400/mo. $4,350/mo. $4,350/mo.
Pace University High School 100 Hester Street
The Henry Street School for International Studies 220 Henry Street $4,100/mo.
The Urban Assembly Academy of Government and Law 350 Grand Street $2,950/mo. $4,450/mo. $8,250/mo.
University Neighborhood High School 220 Henry Street $4,100/mo.