New York City Apartments for Rent Near Hotels in Murray Hill

The prestigious hotels in Murray Hill draw visitors from far and wide. Just like the local apartments, Manhattan’s hotels specialize in high-end luxury, so if you check them out you’re bound to be impressed.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Algonquin Hotel 59 West 44th Street $3,500/mo. $4,200/mo. $6,400/mo. $7,250/mo.
Seton Hotel 144 East 40th Street $3,150/mo. $3,600/mo. $4,500/mo. $5,700/mo.
St Giles The Court New York 130 East 39th Street $3,200/mo. $3,700/mo. $4,700/mo. $5,700/mo.
St Giles Tuscany New York 120 East 39th Street $3,200/mo. $3,700/mo. $6,200/mo. $6,900/mo.
The Alex Hotel 205 East 45th Street $3,200/mo. $3,900/mo. $5,600/mo. $20,000/mo.
The Carlton 88 Madison Avenue $3,000/mo. $3,850/mo. $4,450/mo. $5,700/mo.
The Hotel Roger Williams 131 Madison Ave $3,200/mo. $3,700/mo. $4,450/mo. $5,700/mo.
The Kitano 66 Park Avenue $3,200/mo. $3,700/mo. $4,450/mo. $5,700/mo.
The Marcel 201 East 24th Street $3,700/mo. $4,800/mo. $6,500/mo. $6,400/mo.