New York City Rental Apartments near Middle in Morningside Heights

The middle schools in Morningside Heights give Manhattan parents many educational options. Manhattan contains a great many middle schools, and our database contains a great deal of information about all of them.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Bank Street School for Children 610 West 112th Street $3,550/mo. $4,350/mo. $6,000/mo. $7,550/mo.
Columbia Secondary School 425 West 123rd Street $2,450/mo. $4,200/mo. $4,350/mo.
Corpus Christi 535 West 121st Street
Good Shepard School 620 Isham Street
I.S. 196 Roberto Clemente School 625 West 133rd Street
I.S. 218 Salome Ukena 4600 Broadway
I.S. 286 Renaissance Military & Leader 509 West 129th Street $2,700/mo. $3,800/mo. $3,600/mo.
I.S. 528 Bea Fuller Rogers School 180 Wadsworth Avenue
Incarnation School [Private School] 570 West 175th Street
Junior High School 143 East Roosevelt 511 West 182nd Street
Junior High School 52 Inwood 650 Academy Street
KIPP Success Through Teamwork Achieve & Respon Col Prep Charter School 433 W 123rd St $2,450/mo. $4,200/mo. $4,350/mo.
Manhattan Christian Academey 401 West 205th Street
Middle School 324 Patria Mirabal 21 Jumel Place
Middle School 319 Marie Teresa 21 Jumel Place
Middle School 321 Miverva 21 Jumel Place
Middle School 322 4600 Broadway
Middle School 326 Writers Today & LDRS Tomorrow 401 West 164th Street
Middle School 328 Manh Middle School-Science 401 West 164th Street
Our Lady Queen of Martyrs 71 Arden Street
P.S. 180 Hugo Newman 370 W 120th St $2,450/mo. $4,200/mo. $4,350/mo.
P.S. 180 Hugo Newman School 370 West 120th Street $2,450/mo. $4,200/mo. $4,350/mo.
Powell Middle School for Law & Social Justice 509 West 129th Street $2,700/mo. $3,800/mo. $3,600/mo.
St. Elizabeth School 612 West 187th Street
St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's School 619 West 114th Street $3,550/mo. $7,400/mo.
St. Jude School 433 West 204th Street
The Cathedral School 319 E 74th St $3,700/mo. $3,950/mo. $3,950/mo. $5,000/mo.