NYC Rental Apartments Near Religious Centers in Garment District

The religious institutions in Garment District add a touch of classic beauty to this area. Manhattan apartment renters take pleasure in the painstakingly crafted religious institutions found in this neighborhood, because from an aesthetic standpoint their value is impossible to dispute.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Jewish Community Relations Council 70 W 36th St Rm 700 $3,250/mo. $4,200/mo. $7,250/mo. $14,500/mo.
Millinery Centre Synagogue 10018 1025 Ave of the Americas $3,250/mo. $4,200/mo. $7,250/mo. $9,250/mo.
Redeemer Presbyterial Church 1359 Broadway $3,250/mo. $4,200/mo. $7,600/mo. $14,500/mo.
Shinnyoen USA Temple 19 W 36th St $3,250/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,500/mo. $14,500/mo.
St Mary the Virgin Church 145 W 46th St $2,900/mo. $3,900/mo. $6,500/mo. $9,250/mo.
West Side Jewish Center Synagogue 347 W 34th St $3,500/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,150/mo.
Young Israel Synagogue 250 W 39th St $3,250/mo. $3,900/mo. $5,150/mo.