Manhattan Rentals Near Restaurants in Long Island City

The restaurants in Long Island City will satisfy Manhattanites searching for fine dining. This neighborhood provides a pitch-perfect example of why Manhattan is so highly regarded in the culinary world.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Alobar 46–42 Vernon Blvd $2,000/mo. $2,350/mo. $3,450/mo. $7,000/mo.
Bella Via Restaurant 47-46 Vernon Boulevard $2,000/mo. $2,350/mo. $3,250/mo. $4,700/mo.
La Vuelta $2,500/mo. $3,850/mo.
Riverview Restaurant & Lounge 2-01 50th Avenue $2,000/mo. $2,350/mo. $3,250/mo. $4,700/mo.
Riverview Restaurant and Lounge $2,500/mo. $3,850/mo.
Shi 4720 Center Blvd
Long Island City, Queens
$2,000/mo. $2,350/mo. $3,250/mo. $4,700/mo.
Shi $2,500/mo. $3,850/mo.
Skinny's Cantina 4705 Center Blvd $2,000/mo. $2,350/mo. $3,250/mo. $4,700/mo.
Skinny’s Cantina $2,500/mo. $3,850/mo.
Tourne Sol $2,500/mo. $3,850/mo.