Manhattan Rentals Near Restaurants in West Village

Because of neighborhoods like West Village, Manhattan boasts some of the best restaurants anywhere. Restaurants play an integral part in giving neighborhoods color and character, and finding out about each one will give apartment renters a much better sense of the area.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
10 Downing 10 Downing Street $3,250/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,700/mo.
Alfama 551 Hudson Street $4,050/mo. $4,850/mo. $6,700/mo.
Annisa 13 Barrow Street $3,250/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,700/mo.
Bar Blanc 142 West 10th Street $4,800/mo. $4,900/mo. $8,600/mo.
Bar Q 308 Bleecker Street $3,250/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,700/mo.
Bobo 181 west 10th Street $6,200/mo. $8,600/mo.
Burrito Loco 166 West 4th Street $3,250/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,700/mo.
Burrito Loco Mexican Restaurant 166 West 4th Street $3,250/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,700/mo.
Commerce 50 Commerce Street $4,350/mo. $6,200/mo. $8,700/mo.
Elettaria 33 West 8th Street $2,650/mo. $4,300/mo. $3,750/mo. $20,000/mo.
Fatty Crab 643 Hudson Street $4,050/mo. $4,850/mo. $6,700/mo.
Gonzo 140 West 13th Street $4,000/mo. $4,300/mo. $7,700/mo.
Gottino 52 Greenwich Avenue $4,800/mo. $4,900/mo. $8,600/mo.
Grand Sichuan 15 7th Avenue South $4,350/mo. $6,200/mo. $8,700/mo.
Hakata Tonton 61 Grove Street $3,250/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,700/mo.
I sodi 105 Christopher Street $4,050/mo. $4,850/mo. $6,700/mo.
Kingswood 121 West 10th Street $4,800/mo. $4,300/mo. $8,600/mo.
Mas 39 Downing Street $3,250/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,700/mo.
One if by Land, Two if by Sea 17 Barrow Street $3,250/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,700/mo.
The Little Owl 90 Bedford Street $4,350/mo. $4,850/mo. $8,700/mo.
The New French 522 Hudson Street $4,050/mo. $4,850/mo. $6,700/mo.
The Waverly Inn 16 Bank Street $6,200/mo. $8,600/mo.
Tio Pepe 168 West 4th Street $3,250/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,700/mo.
Valbella 421 West 13th Street $4,050/mo. $4,850/mo. $5,000/mo. $5,500/mo.