Manhattan Rentals Near Restaurants in Hell's Kitchen

Because of neighborhoods like Hell's Kitchen , Manhattan boasts some of the best restaurants anywhere. Restaurants play an integral part in giving neighborhoods color and character, and finding out about each one will give apartment renters a much better sense of the area.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
21 Club 21 West 52nd Street $3,200/mo. $1,000/mo. $6,300/mo. $12,000/mo.
Bar American 152 West 52nd Street $3,200/mo. $1,000/mo. $6,325/mo. $12,000/mo.
Becco 355 West 46th Street $2,750/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,795/mo. $6,995/mo.
BLT Market 1430 6th Avenue $3,200/mo. $1,000/mo. $6,300/mo. $12,000/mo.
Carmines 200 West 44th Street $3,500/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,795/mo.
Chez Napoleon 365 West 50th Street $2,750/mo. $3,800/mo. $4,500/mo. $7,995/mo.
Da Rosina 342 West 46th Street $2,750/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,795/mo. $6,995/mo.
Etrusca 125 West 53rd Street $3,200/mo. $1,000/mo. $6,300/mo. $12,000/mo.
Five Napkin Burger 630 9th Avenue $2,750/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,606/mo. $6,995/mo.
Gordon Ramsay 151 West 54th Street $3,200/mo. $1,000/mo. $6,300/mo. $12,000/mo.
Irish Pub - Bar & Restaurant 839 7th Avenue $3,200/mo. $1,000/mo. $4,500/mo. $12,000/mo.
Josephs Citarella 1240 6th Avenue $3,500/mo. $1,000/mo. $6,325/mo. $12,000/mo.
Le Bernardin 155 West 51st Street $3,200/mo. $1,000/mo. $6,325/mo. $12,000/mo.
Marea 240 Central Park South $3,200/mo. $3,999/mo. $1,000/mo. $8,400/mo.
Oldcastle Pub & Restaurant 160 west 54th Street $3,200/mo. $1,000/mo. $6,325/mo. $12,000/mo.
Per Se 10 Columbus Circle $3,200/mo. $3,999/mo. $1,000/mo. $8,400/mo.
Puttanesca 859 9th Avenue $2,750/mo. $3,450/mo. $4,500/mo. $7,995/mo.
Restaurant Above 234 West 42nd Street $3,100/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,795/mo.
Russian Firebird Restaurant 365 West 46th Street $2,750/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,795/mo. $6,995/mo.
Russian Samovar 256 West 52nd Street $2,750/mo. $3,800/mo. $4,500/mo. $7,995/mo.
Sugiyama 251 West 55th Street $3,200/mo. $3,999/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,400/mo.
Sushi of Gari 46 347 West 46th Street $2,750/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,795/mo. $6,995/mo.
The Modern 9 West 53rd Street $3,200/mo. $1,000/mo. $6,300/mo. $12,000/mo.
The Oak Room 10 Central Park South $3,200/mo. $4,000/mo. $6,300/mo. $12,000/mo.
Tony's Di Napoli- Midwtown 147 West 43rd Street $3,500/mo. $3,800/mo. $6,675/mo.