Bathroom Features


For some people, a hot soak is the only way to unwind from a hectic day. Although shower stalls are becoming more and more common, some apartment hunters refuse to sacrifice one of their most important rituals.

Glass Shower

Glass showers offer the same amount of privacy as curtains while giving the bathroom a far more pristine and elegant feel. These enclosures come in several different varieties, such as various glass patterns, frameless doors and custom shapes. They’re also far easier to clean, so say goodbye to wiping down damp curtains.

Grohe/Kohler Fixtures

If high-quality hardware is a requirement for your bathroom, specifying Grohe or Kohler fixtures is a must. Kohler is an American company best known for its plumbing products, while Grohe Europe’s largest manufacturer of faucets and shower systems. Both companies guarantee top-of-the-line hardware.

Radiant Heating / Heated Floor

Stepping on ice-cold tiles after a hot shower can be the low point of your morning routine. With radiant, underfloor heating, your feet will be in for a pleasant surprise. This technology directly heats the floor Instead of the air, and actually has its roots in the Roman use of hypocaust heating.

Oversized Windows

In most contexts, the term “oversized” sounds negative. In reality, oversized windows are one of the top selling points of an apartment. Bigger windows not only enhances your view, they also let more light into your apartment. Just beware, the term “oversized” is somewhat subjective.

Stainless Steel Fixtures

Stainless steel appliances are not merely aesthetically pleasing. Known for its long life span, the material is rust-proof, stain-resistant and does not harbor germs. It’s also extremely to clean since it does not absorb dirt.


The vanity is arguably the most important piece in the entire bathroom. While some prefer exposed sink basins, others use the vanity as a centerpiece to tie the entire room together. Both practical and stylish, it houses the sink and fixtures while hiding the plumbing. Vanities come in all shapes, sizes and finishes to create the perfect ambience for your bathroom.