Building Features

24-hour attended lobby

Having an around the clock building attendant is beneficial in many ways.  Attendants generally bring a sense of security, convenience and elegance to any building.

AC and Self Controlled Heat

Nothing spells comfort like having control over your heat and air conditioning.  The benefits of having this option allows you to control your own environment, while cutting costs on your energy bills.  


One of the great things about summer is the weekend BBQ’s.  Having a BBQ at your residence allows you and your family the option of grilling your favorite foods whenever you want.

BBQ Terrace

Why go out to dinner when you have a beautiful resort like setting at your home, featuring a BBQ Terrace.  A BBQ terrace is most often accompanied by a swimming pool, jacuzzi tub and breathtaking  views.

Bike Room

Most people hesitate when buying bikes, because they are worried about them taking up too much space.  However, having a bike room at your residence, can leave your worries to rest and give you the freedom that you deserve.  

Billiard Room

The one drawback about playing pool is going into crowded bars and pool halls.  Sometimes the crowd and noise takes away from your experience.  However, having a billiard room at your residence, allows you the privacy and enjoyment of playing pool, without dealing with big, noisy, crowds and expensive rates.

Business Meeting Room

Do you run a business from home? Are you uncomfortable with having meetings in your living room?  Well, having a business meeting room at your residence, provides business owners working from home, the convenience of having a professional meeting place with potential clients and employees.  


Having a residence with a cellar, provides you with extra options when organizing your home.  Cellars are good for storage , laundry areas and sometimes a quiet place to escape when looking for privacy.


Having a concierge service at your residence is perfect for those who travel frequently and work long hours.  Concierge can provide many services like taking in your mail, feeding your goldfish or adjusting the climate controls in your unit.


Having a courtyard at your residence presents a dramatic, yet breathtaking view upon entering your building.  The view leaves visitors and residents both impressed and mystified as they navigate through the building.  

Day Spa

Seeking rest and relaxation never got easier.  Having a day spa in your building , provides convenience and relaxation at your fingertips making life in the big city that much nicer.


Need help with those packages? Well, doormen can help with many things like carrying in your bags, directing guests to your apartment and assisting the elderly.


Unless you are living in a pre-war building, having an elevator is a common amenity in most buildings, leaving the staircase for emergencies and those looking to get in some exercise.

Fitness Center

Getting in a daily visit to the gym is so much easier when its right at home.  Most buildings have integrated fitness centers with 24 hour access, offering residents the freedom and accessibility to exercise around their demanding schedules.

Game Room

From shooting pool to watching the big game with your neighbors, some buildings offer game rooms to entertain guests and provide some entertainment close to home.


When it comes to city living, most people prefer to use public transportation instead of owning a vehicle.  However, living in a building that offers a garage space allows automobile owners the convenience of never searching for a parking space, in addition to protecting their vehicles from weather elements and vandalism.  

Green Building

America is working hard to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  From LED lighting to recycling, building owners are becoming more conscious and proactive about their carbon footprints.  Green buildings offer better insulation, lighting, natural light and recycling, creating a better home for a better tomorrow.

Hotel Service

Some residential buildings offer hotel services to people with big families or business people in search of a place to stay for a moderate length of time.  Some benefits from using this method is no contracts, more space and the option to check out at the renters discretion.

Laundry Room On Every Floor

Having one laundry in a building is convenient enough from some residents.  However, building owners wanted better, so they built laundry rooms on every floor, providing residents with more machines and better accessibility.


Having a lounge in your building provides a nice, elegant, relaxed atmosphere.  It provides the opportunity to have a drink or a  conversation with a neighbor,friend, or business associate.

No Pets Allowed

For people that have severe pet allergies or seeking privacy, generally live in buildings that do not accept pets.  Most buildings have a no pet policy mainly due to the expense of upkeep and noise.

Oversized Windows

There are many benefits to having oversized windows.  Generally, having oversized windows, provide great views, natural light and heat.

Panoramic Views

If you look up the word panoramic views in the dictionary, a picture of the NYC skyline will come up next to it, as NYC provides some of the best views in the world.  Some buildings offer views of, and not limited to, the Hudson River, Central Park, Lower Manhattan.

Pets Allowed

When searching for places to live, pet owners mainly search for two words, pets allowed.  Since many people own or plan to own pets, they search for a pet-friendly building and usually stay there a lot longer bases on the buildings lenient policy.


Most modern buildings in the city offer a swimming pool as it is one of the most popular sought after amenities.  Most pools located in the city are either located indoors or on rooftops creating a resort like atmosphere for all its residents.