NYC Rental Apartments Near Bars and Clubs in Soho

The late-night establishments in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood draw people from all over the city, which is why it has one of the busiest and most exciting nightlife scenes in Manhattan. The bars and clubs are a critical part of this Manhattan neighborhood’s identity, so apartment renters should bear that in mind.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
1534 20 Prince Street $4,095/mo. $4,995/mo. $5,495/mo.
A60 60 Thompson St $6,671/mo. $9,500/mo. $16,000/mo.
Bar 89 89 Mercer Street $6,100/mo. $23,000/mo.
David Burke Kitchen 23 Grand Street $6,671/mo. $9,500/mo. $16,000/mo.
Dos Caminos Soho 475 W Broadway $5,440/mo. $6,100/mo. $8,995/mo.
Ellabess 153 Elizabeth St. $4,095/mo. $4,995/mo. $5,495/mo.
GreenHouse 150 Varick Street $5,440/mo. $6,671/mo. $8,995/mo. $16,000/mo.
Imperial no. 9 9 Crosby Street $4,250/mo. $6,100/mo. $8,905/mo. $13,500/mo.
Jimmy 15 Thompson Street $6,671/mo. $9,500/mo. $16,000/mo.
Lani Kai 525 Broome St $6,671/mo. $9,500/mo. $16,000/mo.
Merc Bar 151 Mercer St $4,095/mo. $4,995/mo. $5,495/mo. $13,995/mo.
Mister H 9 Crosby Street $4,250/mo. $6,100/mo. $8,905/mo. $13,500/mo.
Pravda 281 Lafayette St $4,095/mo. $4,995/mo. $5,495/mo. $13,995/mo.
Southside 406 Broome Street $4,095/mo. $4,995/mo. $5,495/mo. $23,000/mo.
SubMercer 99 Prince St $4,095/mo. $6,100/mo. $5,495/mo. $23,000/mo.
Sway Lounge 305 Spring Street;; $6,671/mo. $9,500/mo. $16,000/mo.
The Dutch 131 Sullivan St $5,440/mo. $7,195/mo. $8,995/mo.
Vig Bar 12 Spring Street $4,095/mo. $4,995/mo. $5,495/mo.
XIX Lounge 19 Kenmare St $4,095/mo. $4,995/mo. $5,495/mo.
YN 227 Mott St $4,095/mo. $4,995/mo. $5,495/mo.