NYC Rental Apartments Near Bars and Clubs in Chinatown & Little Italy

Chinatown & Little Italy is chock-full of vibrant bars and clubs. This area comes alive at night, and the local bars and clubs here collectively form a great cultural scene.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Apoth├ęke 9 Doyers St
Gold Bar 389 Broome Street $3,595/mo. $6,495/mo. $5,495/mo.
Le Baron 32 Mulberry St $4,284/mo. $3,995/mo. $8,472/mo. $15,073/mo.
Milk and Honey 134 Eldridge St $3,595/mo. $5,077/mo. $5,995/mo.
Pulqueria 11 Doyers St
R Bar 218 Bowery $3,595/mo. $5,705/mo. $5,495/mo.
Soiree 199 Bowery street $3,595/mo. $5,705/mo. $5,495/mo.
The Mulberry Project 149 Mulberry Street $3,595/mo. $6,495/mo. $5,995/mo.
The Randolph at Broome 349 Broome Street $3,595/mo. $5,705/mo. $5,495/mo.
White Rabbit 145 E. Houston St $3,836/mo. $4,148/mo. $4,450/mo. $5,700/mo.
White Rabbit Lounge 145 E Houston St $3,836/mo. $4,148/mo. $4,450/mo. $5,700/mo.