Manhattan Rentals Near Elementary Schools in Upper East Side

Upper East Side has more elementary schools than any other Manhattan neighborhood, and parents looking to rent a Manhattan apartment here should definitely take that into consideration. Manhattan’s youngsters have long enjoyed attending these elementary schools, and we have faith that Manhattan’s parents will similarly enjoy sending them there.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Birch Wathen Lenox School 210 E 77th St $3,700/mo. $3,950/mo. $3,950/mo. $5,000/mo.
Brearley School (The) 610 E 83rd St $3,450/mo. $3,350/mo. $4,850/mo. $6,200/mo.
Buckley School 113 East 73rd Street $3,700/mo. $3,950/mo. $3,950/mo. $5,000/mo.
Buckley School 113 E 73rd St $3,700/mo. $3,950/mo. $3,950/mo. $5,000/mo.
Bureau for Hunter Coll Campus School 71 E 94th St $3,300/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo. $18,500/mo.
Bureau for Hunter Coll Campus School 71 E 94th St $3,300/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo. $18,500/mo.
Central Park East I 1573 Madison Ave $7,500/mo.
Chapin School (The) 100 E End Ave $3,450/mo. $3,350/mo. $4,850/mo. $6,200/mo.
Convent of the Sacred Heart 1 E 91st St $3,500/mo. $4,300/mo. $9,000/mo.
Ella Baker School 317 E 67th St $3,700/mo. $3,900/mo. $3,950/mo. $5,000/mo.
Gillen Brewer School 410 E 92nd $3,000/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo. $8,300/mo.
Hewitt School 45 E 75th St $3,950/mo. $3,950/mo. $5,000/mo.
Hunter College Elementary School 71 E 94th St $3,300/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo. $18,500/mo.
Kennedy Child Study Center 151 E 67th St $3,700/mo. $3,900/mo. $3,950/mo. $5,000/mo.
La Scuola D Italia Guglielmo Ma 12 E 96th St $3,300/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo.
Lycee Francais De NY 505 E 75th St $3,150/mo. $3,800/mo. $6,900/mo. $8,500/mo.
Manhattan Country School 7 East 96th Street $3,300/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo.
Manhattan Country School 7 E 96th St $3,300/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo.
Marymount School of New York 1026 5th Ave $4,300/mo. $9,000/mo.
Marymount School of NY 1026 5th Ave $4,300/mo. $9,000/mo.
Mc Carton School (The) 350 E 82nd St $400/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,500/mo. $8,400/mo.
Nightingale-Bamford School 20 E 92nd St $3,500/mo. $4,300/mo. $9,000/mo.
Our Lady of Good Counsel 323 East 91st Street $3,000/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo. $8,300/mo.
Our Lady of Good Counsel 323 E 91st St $400/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo. $8,300/mo.
P.S. 158 Baylard Taylor 1458 York Ave $3,150/mo. $3,500/mo. $4,400/mo. $6,500/mo.
P.S. 183 Robert L Stevenson 419 E 66th St $3,700/mo. $3,900/mo. $5,850/mo. $8,800/mo.
P.S. 198 Isador E Ida Straus 1700 3rd Ave $3,300/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo. $18,500/mo.
P.S. 290 Manhattan New School 311 E 82nd St $400/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,500/mo. $8,400/mo.
P.S. 59 Beekman Hill International 213 E 63rd St $3,700/mo. $3,900/mo. $5,850/mo. $9,000/mo.
P.S. 6 Lillie D Blake 45 E 81st St $4,000/mo. $4,300/mo. $5,500/mo. $9,000/mo.
P.S. 77 Lower Lab 1700 3rd Ave $3,300/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo. $18,500/mo.
P.S. M169 Robert F Kennedy 110 E 88th St $400/mo. $4,000/mo. $5,500/mo. $8,400/mo.
Philosophy Day School 12 East 79th Street $5,250/mo.
Philosophy Day School 12 E 79th St $4,300/mo.
Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East 164 E 68th St $3,700/mo. $3,900/mo. $3,950/mo. $5,000/mo.
Ramaz Lower School 125 E 85th St $400/mo. $4,250/mo. $5,500/mo. $8,400/mo.
Ramaz School 114 E 85th St $400/mo. $4,250/mo. $5,500/mo. $8,400/mo.
Rudolf Steiner School 15 East 79th St $4,300/mo.
Rudolf Steiner School 15 East 79th St $4,300/mo.
Solomon Schechter School of Man 50 E 87th St $400/mo. $4,300/mo. $8,700/mo. $9,000/mo.
Spence School 22 E 91st St $3,500/mo. $4,300/mo. $11,000/mo. $9,000/mo.
St. Ignatius Loyola School 48 E 84th St $4,000/mo. $4,300/mo. $5,500/mo. $9,000/mo.
St. Joseph's School-Yorkville 420 E 87th St $3,000/mo. $4,000/mo. $5,600/mo. $8,300/mo.
St. Stephen of Hungary School 408 E 82nd St $400/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,500/mo. $8,300/mo.
The Allen Stevenson School 132 East 78th Street $4,000/mo. $3,950/mo. $3,950/mo. $5,000/mo.
The Allen Stevenson School 132 E 78th St $4,000/mo. $3,950/mo. $3,950/mo. $5,000/mo.
The Browning School 52 East 62nd Street $6,000/mo. $5,250/mo. $6,950/mo. $16,000/mo.
The Browning School 52 E 62nd St $6,000/mo. $5,250/mo. $6,950/mo. $16,000/mo.
The Caedmon School 416 E 80th St $3,150/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,500/mo. $8,300/mo.
The Caedmon School 416 E 80th St $3,150/mo. $3,800/mo. $5,500/mo. $8,300/mo.
The Cathedral School 319 E 74th St $3,700/mo. $3,950/mo. $3,950/mo. $5,000/mo.
The Dalton School 108 E 89th St $400/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo. $8,400/mo.
The Town School 540 E 76th St $3,150/mo. $3,500/mo. $4,400/mo. $6,500/mo.
Trevor Day School 11 East 89th Street $3,500/mo. $4,300/mo. $8,700/mo. $9,000/mo.
Trevor Day School 11 E 89th St $3,500/mo. $4,300/mo. $8,700/mo. $9,000/mo.
Trevor Day School Lower 4 E 90th St $3,500/mo. $4,300/mo. $8,700/mo. $9,000/mo.
Yorkville Community School 323 E 91st St $400/mo. $3,650/mo. $4,600/mo. $8,300/mo.