NYC Apartments for Rent Near High Schools in Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park is a leading Manhattan neighborhood for high schools, making it easy for renters to find a good school in this district. Many great high schools call New York City home, so we spent a lot of time and effort to assemble this database to introduce you to what’s around.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
American Sign Language and English School 225 East 23rd Street $3,200/mo. $3,750/mo. $5,400/mo. $8,839/mo.
British International School of NY 20 Waterside Plaza $4,140/mo. $4,240/mo. $5,710/mo.
Friends Seminary 222 East 16th Street $3,900/mo. $4,075/mo. $7,125/mo. $11,000/mo.
Gateway School of New York 236 2nd Avenue $3,900/mo. $5,195/mo. $7,125/mo. $11,000/mo.
Health Professions and Human Services High School 345 East 15th Street $4,875/mo. $4,200/mo. $7,125/mo. $14,250/mo.
High School for Health Professions & Human Services 345 E 15th St $4,875/mo. $4,200/mo. $7,125/mo. $14,250/mo.
High School for Language and Diplomacy 40 Irving Pl $3,795/mo. $4,075/mo. $7,125/mo. $11,000/mo.
Institute for Collaborative Education 345 East 15th Street $4,875/mo. $4,200/mo. $7,125/mo. $14,250/mo.
P.S. 226 345 E 15th St $4,875/mo. $4,200/mo. $7,125/mo. $14,250/mo.
P.S. 226 345 E 15th St $4,875/mo. $4,200/mo. $7,125/mo. $14,250/mo.
School of the Future 127 East 22nd Street $3,275/mo. $3,750/mo. $5,400/mo. $11,000/mo.
The Churchill School and Center 301 East 29th Street $3,200/mo. $3,750/mo. $4,550/mo. $6,400/mo.
United Nations International School 24-50 FDR Drive $4,200/mo. $5,685/mo. $8,839/mo.
Washington Irving High School 40 Irving Place $3,795/mo. $4,075/mo. $7,125/mo. $11,000/mo.