New York City Rental Apartments near Middle in Upper East Side

Upper East Side is a premier area in Manhattan for middle schools, making it ideal for parents looking for an excellent educational facility. Deciding which Manhattan neighborhood to live in can be tough, so if you’re still undecided, this database will definitely help you out.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Buckley School 113 East 73rd Street $3,690/mo. $4,300/mo. $5,200/mo. $7,000/mo.
Bureau for Hunter Coll Campus School 71 E 94th St $3,400/mo. $3,850/mo. $4,850/mo. $15,500/mo.
East Side Middle School 1458 York Avenue $3,625/mo. $4,900/mo. $6,500/mo.
Ella Baker School 317 E 67th St $3,690/mo. $4,300/mo. $5,200/mo. $7,000/mo.
Junior High School 167 Robert F Wagner 220 E 76th St $3,600/mo. $4,300/mo. $5,200/mo. $7,000/mo.
Junior High School 167 Robert F Wagner School 220 East 76th Street $3,600/mo. $4,049/mo. $5,200/mo. $7,000/mo.
Manhattan Country School 7 East 96th Street $3,400/mo. $3,850/mo. $4,850/mo. $10,995/mo.
Our Lady of Good Counsel 323 East 91st Street $3,310/mo. $3,850/mo. $4,850/mo. $7,555/mo.
P.S. 169 Robert F. Kennedy School 110 East 88th Street $3,350/mo. $4,280/mo. $5,750/mo. $7,555/mo.
P.S. M169 Robert F Kennedy 110 E 88th St $3,350/mo. $4,049/mo. $5,750/mo. $7,555/mo.
Philosophy Day School 12 East 79th Street $4,750/mo. $7,000/mo. $17,500/mo.
Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East 164 East 68th Street $3,690/mo. $4,300/mo. $5,200/mo. $7,000/mo.
Rudolf Steiner Upper School 15 E 78st St $4,750/mo. $7,000/mo. $17,500/mo.
Solomon Schechter School of Man 50 E 87th St $3,350/mo. $4,280/mo. $5,800/mo. $7,558/mo.
St. Ignatius Loyola School 48 East 84th Street $3,600/mo. $4,750/mo. $5,750/mo. $11,500/mo.
St. Joseph's School-Yorkville 420 East 87th Street $3,350/mo. $4,049/mo. $5,795/mo. $7,555/mo.
St. Stephen of Hungary School 408 East 82nd Street $3,589/mo. $4,049/mo. $5,750/mo. $7,555/mo.
The Allen Stevenson School 132 East 78th Street $3,600/mo. $4,300/mo. $5,200/mo. $7,000/mo.
The Browning School 52 E 62nd St $4,950/mo. $6,875/mo. $11,800/mo.
The Dalton School 108 E 89th St $3,350/mo. $3,850/mo. $4,850/mo. $7,555/mo.
The Town School 540 East 76th Street $3,625/mo. $4,900/mo. $6,500/mo.
Trevor Day School Lower 4 East 90th Street $3,350/mo. $4,280/mo. $5,650/mo. $7,558/mo.