NYC Rental Apartments Near Religious Centers in East Village

The religious institutions in East Village add a touch of classic beauty to this area. New York City can truthfully claim some of the most impressive religious institutions in the world, and this holds true in this neighborhood.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
6th street Synagogue 325 E 6TH ST $4,150/mo. $5,050/mo. $8,000/mo.
Chabad of Gramercy Park Synagogue 41 Cooper Sq $2,900/mo. $4,000/mo. $4,600/mo. $22,000/mo.
Church of the Nativity 44 2nd Ave $2,900/mo. $4,000/mo. $4,450/mo. $22,000/mo.
City Light Church 121 E 7th St $4,900/mo. $5,000/mo. $9,450/mo. $14,500/mo.
Community Synagogue Center 325 E 6th Street $4,150/mo. $5,050/mo. $8,000/mo.
Congregation Meseritz Synagogue 415 E 6TH St $4,900/mo. $5,000/mo.
Graffiti Church 205 East 7th Street $3,750/mo.
Middle Collegiate Church 50 E. 7th Street $4,150/mo. $5,350/mo. $8,000/mo.
St Brigid's Church Rectory 119 Avenue B $3,750/mo. $5,000/mo. $4,450/mo. $14,500/mo.
St George's Ukranian Catholic Church Rectory 30 E 7th Street $4,150/mo. $4,600/mo. $8,000/mo. $22,000/mo.
St Marks Church in the Bowery 131 E 10th St $3,350/mo. $4,600/mo. $10,000/mo. $35,000/mo.
Town&Village Conservative Synagogue 334 E 14th Street $3,350/mo. $4,000/mo. $6,850/mo. $9,500/mo.
Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish Church 602 E 9th St $6,350/mo. $9,450/mo. $14,500/mo.