NYC Rental Apartments Near Religious Centers in Upper West Side

Upper West Side is remarkable in numerous ways, and one of those ways is the impressive collection of gracefully constructed religious institutions. Manhattan apartment renters take pleasure in the painstakingly crafted religious institutions found in this neighborhood, because from an aesthetic standpoint their value is impossible to dispute.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Advent Lutheran Church 2504 Broadway $3,200/mo. $3,650/mo. $6,250/mo. $8,700/mo.
All Faith Seminary International Synagogue 7 W 96th St $4,250/mo. $4,750/mo. $6,750/mo.
All Souls Christian Church 160 West 78th street $3,700/mo. $3,850/mo. $7,500/mo. $10,000/mo.
B'nai Jeshurun Temple 270 W 89th St $3,200/mo. $3,650/mo. $7,600/mo. $7,900/mo.
Church of St Paul the Apostle 405 West 59th Street $2,000/mo. $3,400/mo. $4,500/mo. $8,000/mo.
Church of St. Gregory the Great 144 W 90th St $3,200/mo. $3,650/mo. $6,250/mo. $8,700/mo.
Congregation B'nai Israel Chaim 353 W 84th St $7,500/mo. $7,900/mo.
Congregation B'nai Jeshurun Synagogue 257 W 88th St $3,200/mo. $3,650/mo. $7,500/mo. $7,900/mo.
Congregation Ohav Sholom 270 W 84th St $3,200/mo. $3,650/mo. $7,500/mo. $7,900/mo.
Congregation Rodeph Sholom Synagogue 7 West 83rd St
Congregation Shaare Zedek Synagogue 212 W 93rd Street $3,200/mo. $3,650/mo. $6,250/mo. $8,700/mo.
Congregation Shearith Israel Synagogue 8 W 70th St $2,000/mo. $5,000/mo. $8,100/mo. $23,000/mo.
Crenshaw Christian Center East 1 W 96th St $4,250/mo. $4,750/mo. $6,750/mo.
First Baptist Church 265 W 79th St $3,700/mo. $3,850/mo. $7,500/mo. $7,900/mo.
First Hungarian Congreg Ohab Zedek Synagogue 118 West 95th Street $3,200/mo. $4,400/mo. $6,250/mo. $10,550/mo.
Good Shepherd-Faith Presbyterian Church 152 West 66th Street $2,000/mo. $3,800/mo. $6,950/mo. $8,950/mo.
Jewish Historical Society of NY 8 W 70th St $2,000/mo. $5,000/mo. $8,100/mo. $23,000/mo.
Karma Thegwum Choling Temple 412 West End Ave $3,700/mo. $3,850/mo. $7,500/mo. $7,900/mo.
Lincoln Square Synagogue 200 Amsterdam Avenue $3,300/mo. $3,800/mo. $6,950/mo. $8,950/mo.
Lutheran Church of Grace and St Paul 123 W 71st St $3,300/mo. $3,800/mo. $6,950/mo. $8,950/mo.
Manhattan Chinese Baptist Church 236 W 72nd St $3,300/mo. $3,800/mo. $6,950/mo. $8,950/mo.
Manhattan Chogye Sah Temple 42 W 96th St $4,250/mo. $4,750/mo. $6,250/mo.
Manhattan Jewish Experience Synagogue 131 W 86th Street $3,200/mo. $3,650/mo. $6,250/mo. $8,700/mo.
Mt Pleasant Baptist Church 142 W 81st St $3,700/mo. $3,850/mo. $7,500/mo. $7,900/mo.
New Horizon Church of NY 2576 Broadway $3,200/mo. $4,400/mo. $6,750/mo. $8,000/mo.
New York Buddhist Church 332 Riverside Dr $8,000/mo.
Redeemer Presbyterian Church West Side 150 W 83rd St $3,300/mo. $3,650/mo. $7,500/mo. $7,900/mo.
Sim Shalom Havurah Synagogue 54 Riverside Dr $4,150/mo. $7,500/mo. $7,900/mo.
Spanish&Portuguese Synagogue 8 West 70th St $2,000/mo. $5,000/mo. $8,100/mo. $23,000/mo.
St Paul and St Andrew Methodist Church West 86 str & West End Ave $4,150/mo. $7,500/mo. $7,900/mo.
Stephen Wise Free Synagogue 30 West 68th St $2,000/mo. $3,800/mo. $6,950/mo. $8,950/mo.
The Carlebach Synagogue 305 West 79th St $4,150/mo. $7,500/mo. $7,900/mo.
The Fourth Universalist Society 160 Central Park West $2,000/mo. $4,350/mo. $8,000/mo. $18,900/mo.
The Jewish Center 131 W 86th St $3,200/mo. $3,650/mo. $6,250/mo. $8,700/mo.
Union of Sephardic Congregation Inc 8 W 70th St $2,000/mo. $5,000/mo. $8,100/mo. $23,000/mo.
West End Presbyterian Church 165 W 105TH St $4,250/mo. $5,850/mo. $8,900/mo.
West End Synagogue A Reconstructionist Congregation 190 Amsterdam Avenue $3,300/mo. $3,800/mo. $6,950/mo. $8,950/mo.
West Side Institutional Synagogue 120 W 76th St $3,700/mo. $3,850/mo. $9,700/mo. $10,000/mo.
Young Israel of West Side Synagogue 210 W 91st St $3,200/mo. $3,650/mo. $6,250/mo. $8,700/mo.