Manhattan Rentals Near Restaurants in Upper West Side

Because of neighborhoods like Upper West Side, Manhattan boasts some of the best restaurants anywhere. Before renting an apartment in Manhattan, every renter should examine the local dining fare, and our website allows you to do just that.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Artie's 2290 Broadway $3,325/mo. $4,379/mo. $7,795/mo. $7,750/mo.
Asiate Restaurant 80 Columbus Circle $3,200/mo. $3,999/mo. $1,000/mo. $8,400/mo.
Bar Boulud 1900 Broadway $3,349/mo. $3,999/mo. $1,000/mo. $8,000/mo.
Bouchon Bakery 10 Columbus Circle $3,200/mo. $3,999/mo. $1,000/mo. $8,400/mo.
Café des Artistes 1 West 67th Street $4,313/mo. $1,000/mo. $12,000/mo.
Center Cut 44 West 63rd Street $3,349/mo. $3,999/mo. $1,000/mo. $8,000/mo.
Dovetail 103 West 77th Street $3,325/mo. $3,856/mo. $7,795/mo. $16,500/mo.
Eighty One 45 West 81st Street $3,325/mo. $3,856/mo.
Jean Georges 1 Central Park West $3,200/mo. $3,999/mo. $1,000/mo. $8,400/mo.
Kefi 505 Columbus Avenue $3,325/mo. $4,300/mo. $5,965/mo. $7,750/mo.
Ouest 2315 Broadway $3,300/mo. $3,250/mo. $7,795/mo. $7,750/mo.
Picholine 35 West 64th Street $3,349/mo. $3,999/mo. $1,000/mo. $8,000/mo.
Starbucks Coffee 2 Columbus Ave
$3,200/mo. $3,450/mo. $1,000/mo. $7,995/mo.
Vau Restaurant 225 West 77th Street $3,325/mo. $3,856/mo. $4,951/mo. $16,500/mo.
West Branch 2178 Broadway $3,325/mo. $3,856/mo. $4,951/mo. $16,500/mo.