New York Rentals – Times Square

In terms of the ratio of buzz-to-block or excitement-per-square-foot, few Manhattan neighborhoods can keep pace with the Theater District, which extends from 40th Street to 54th Street, and from east of Sixth Avenue to west of Eighth Avenue, including Times Square. As you might've guessed already, the Theater District is the beating heart of Broadway and New York theater, as well as the sprawling mega-retail of Times Square, the old-school restaurants and bars of Restaurant Row and, yes, some lovely luxury rental apartments.

Most of the many recent architectural projects in the greater Times Square area have been given over to office space or hotels, but new residential buildings stand shoulder-to-shoulder with older buildings converted from office to residential space. It's not anybody's idea of quiet or laid-back, but life in the Theater District is undeniably as New York as New York gets.

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1600 Broadway 1600 Broadway

1600 Broadway, Clinton, Midtown West, Times Square

1600 Broadway NYC Condos - Apartments for Rent in Clinton

Located at Times Square in Manhattan, it’s easy to see why 1600 Broadway is considered by many to be one of the most desirable residences in New York City today. With grand apartments and stunning amenities, this luxury building can make for a great home in the city.