NYC Rental Apartments Near Religious Centers in Financial District

The religious institutions in Financial District add a touch of classic beauty to this area. Manhattan apartment renters take pleasure in the painstakingly crafted religious institutions found in this neighborhood, because from an aesthetic standpoint their value is impossible to dispute.

Name Address Nearby STU from Nearby 1 BR from Nearby 2 BR from Nearby 3 BR from
Faith Exchange Church 90 West St $2,500/mo. $3,350/mo. $3,600/mo. $14,500/mo.
Masjid Manhattan Mosque 30 Cliff St $2,500/mo. $3,000/mo. $3,250/mo. $14,500/mo.
Or Hachayim Synagogue 132 Nassau St $3,000/mo. $3,000/mo. $3,250/mo. $14,000/mo.
Our Lady of Victory Church 60 William St $2,500/mo. $3,000/mo. $3,250/mo. $14,500/mo.
Parishtrinity Church 89 Broadway $2,500/mo. $3,350/mo. $3,600/mo. $15,000/mo.
St Peter's Rectory Church 18 Vesey Street $3,000/mo. $3,000/mo. $3,250/mo. $14,000/mo.
Synagogue Light&Kosher Life 47 Beekman St $2,500/mo. $3,000/mo. $3,250/mo. $14,500/mo.
Trinity Church 74 Trinity Place $2,500/mo. $3,350/mo. $3,600/mo. $14,500/mo.
Trinity Wall Street Church 89 Broadway (Trinity Place) $2,500/mo. $3,350/mo. $3,600/mo. $15,000/mo.
True Buddha Diamond Temple of New York Inc 105 Washington St $2,500/mo. $3,350/mo. $3,600/mo. $14,500/mo.
Wall Street Synagogue 47 Beekman St $2,500/mo. $3,000/mo. $3,250/mo. $14,500/mo.