Waiting for the Subway: What The 7 Train Extension Could Mean for Real Estate in Hudson Yards

The Second Avenue Subway gets the lion's share of attention -- a billion-dollar price tag and super-ambitious planning will do that -- but the city and the MTA are also working on another big subway project. The 7 Train, which currently terminates at Times Square, is being extended into the further reaches of Midtown West, the Hudson River-adjacent part of Manhattan that includes Clinton and Chelsea that occasionally goes by Hudson Yards. For the time being, Hudson Yards is one of the last frontiers in Manhattan real estate, home to a few luxury rental apartment developments and a lot of undiscovered, under-developed space. While the apartments for rent at 505 West 37th Street or the all-inclusive lviing experience at River Place, for instance, stack up with those of any rental apartments in Manhattan, the buildings themselves are somewhat out there on its own. The two planned stops on the 7 train -- one at 41st Street and 10th Avenue, another at 34th Street and 11th Avenue -- would change all that.

If, that is, they ever get built. The subway expansion project is experiencing money problems, the New York Post reports, and the city is appealing for federal aid in completing a scaled-down version of the expansion. While we're a couple years from these new stops opening up, at least, the subway expansion into Hudson Yards bears watching. With plenty of appealing rental apartments in Hudson Yards already drawing attention, a guaranteed subway link might be all it takes to make this one of Manhattan's hottest neighborhoods.