New York City Luxury Rental Blog Archives for March 2010

Another Reason Not to Settle for a Less-Than-Great Rental Apartment: Refrigerators as the New Closets?

Here at Luxury Rentals Manhattan, it's our job to help NYC dwellers find the right rental apartment in the right Manhattan neighborhood. Once said NYC dwellers have found said rental apartments, Luxury Rentals Manhattan exits stage left. All good.

But while we won't tell you what to do with your Manhattan rental apartment once you've finished your apartment search, we would like to make an exception to our usual rule to suggest, here, that you use your refrigerator for keeping foodstuffs cold. This doesn't seem like a controversial bit of advice, but an entertaining article by Alexis Swerdloff in the New York Post suggests that a new class of Manhattan "kitchenistas" have been forced to turn their refrigerators into additional closet space. This might be a good time to remind you that finding the right rental apartment in Manhattan is easier if you work with the right real estate agents, and that finding the wrong rental apartment in Manhattan could lead to... well, a flagrant misuse of your refrigerator.

TREGNY February Stats: Renter's Market on NYC Apartments Makes It Through Another Month

Every month, real estate experts warn that the renter's market for Manhattan apartments is on its way out -- soon, maybe next month, those rental apartments will be renting for more, we hear. And yet with every month that passes and every report that arrives from The Real Estate Group of New York (TREGNY), it appears that rent prices for rental apartments in New York City just aren't really going up very quickly, or at all.

(First, Terrible) Manhattan Rental Apartments of the Rich and Famous

Okay, it's not exactly hard news. But this brief piece from the New York Post on the first Manhattan rental apartments of such celebrities as SNL's Andy Samberg and Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter is pretty enjoyable. It's also pretty true to life for most NYC dwellers, most of whom have at least one story to tell about a rough-and-ready New York City rental apartment in their history.

Mid-Week Blogginess: Checking Out Chelsea's High Line Before It Was Chelsea, or the High Line

Ordinarily, as you've probably noticed, the Luxury Rentals Manhattan blog focuses on things having to do with -- for lack of a better phrase -- luxury rentals in Manhattan. This can mean news on the NYC real estate market or specific rental apartment listings, or it can mean news on new rental buildings or a bunch of other things. This also means that sometimes it's kind of predictable. So, let's work on that.

Cash Back On Your Online Rent Payments? Sure, Why Not?

Well, this is an interesting one. While many luxury rentals in Manhattan already allow renters to pay their rent online -- all of the rental buildings from Related Properties, such as The Sagamore and The Sierra, allow renters to pay online -- a new company named is offering NYC dwellers some pretty impressive incentives for paying rent online.

Dis Incentives: Are New York City Renters Getting Fewer Freebies From Landords?

During the still-ongoing renters market in NYC real estate, NYC dwellers have gotten used to all kinds of incentives, freebies and assorted other real estate concessions on even the most desirable Manhattan rental apartments. While there's some debate over how long the renter's market for Manhattan rentals will last -- we covered some of this yesterday -- it's generally presumed to have at least a bit more gas left in the tank.

The End Is Near? Wall Street Journal Predicts End of NYC Renter's Market, Advises Two Year Leases

At the Luxury Rentals Manhattan blog, we've been all over the current renter's market in New York real estate.

What Downturn? Raft of New Manhattan Luxury Rentals Coming To Market Soon

If you've been reading the Luxury Rentals Manhattan Blog, you already know that the market for NYC rentals has favored the renter pretty significantly of late, even in desirable neighborhoods such as the