New York City Luxury Rental Blog Archives for May 2014

Rental Guidelines Board Favoring Unusually Low Price Increases

Rent Guidelines Board

Rent increases for rent-stabilized apartments are decided by the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) of New York City every year. Since 1969, the RGB has always voted to increase the rent rates in NYC.

Update: Airbnb Plays Ball with NYC Attorney General

Airbnb NYC

For the last six-months the Attorney General’s Office has been trying to get ahold of Airbnb’s host data, they have finally succeeded. Airbnb the online platform that allows apartment or home owners to rent their properties out to travelers is voluntarily giving up their host data. Although they will be removing some of the identification information such as, social security numbers, names, apartment numbers, and adding numerical identifiers to differentiate between the multitude of users.

Manhattan Rents Near Record Highs as Brooklyn Prices Continue to Rise

Midtown Manhattan
Image via Flickr/Andos_pics

The numbers are in, and this past April had some interesting happenings in the world of rentals. Using the year-over scale, when we look at the price of an apartment from the year before and compare it to this year’s, Manhattan median rental prices had been declining for six consecutive months until they increased by a minute 0.2 percent in March. This April, the median cost to rent an apartment in Manhattan again increased from the same month last year, now up to $3,247 per month, 1.6 percent higher than April 2013’s $3,195.

Astoria Cove: Going with the Flow of Waterfront Development

Astoria Cove Queens
Image Courtesy of STUDIO V Architecture

Waterfront development has been steadily making its way along the shores of Brooklyn and Queens over the last handful of years. The East River waterfront of Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Long Island City have all seen or are seeing a wave of development wash upon the shorelines, welcoming new buildings, often in the form of luxury condos or rentals. Now, this seemingly unstoppable wave is landing in Astoria in the form of a one-million-square foot mixed-use development called Astoria Cove.