New York City Luxury Rental Blog Archives for November 2013

Affordable Apartments in Williamsburg Help Earn Domino Approval

Domino Sugar Factory Rendering - SHOP

On Monday, Two Trees’ conversion plans for the Domino Sugar Refinery in Williamsburg received approval from Community Board One’s Land Use Committee in Brooklyn. Two Trees will propose the plan to the full community board in the near future.

Seventy Years of Rent Control in NYC

Rent Control Limits in NYC

People will do crazy things to get their hands on a rent controlled apartment, from pretending to be someone’s relative to pretending their dead relative that owned the home is in fact, still alive and kicking. A book by Robert Fogelson entitled The Great Rent Wars: New York 1917-1929, explains the tumultuous story of the many attempts to fix a terrible housing situation before rent control. Enacted 70 years ago, the story of rent regulations started with a government that could care less about the issues happening with housing.

The Ten Priciest Rentals Currently on the Market

Anyone who lives or has attempted to live in New York City is quite familiar with the funds it takes to reside in even the smallest studio apartment. According to REIS, the average asking rent has soared to $3,000 for the very first time. For the extravagant lifestyles of some New Yorkers, however, this is chump change. Luxurious tastes call for luxurious homes with rents to match, and these are a few of the most expensive rentals on the market right now.

Harlem is HAPpening with Karim Rashid

HAP 4 Harlem Rentals

For the second time in less than a month, HAP Investments has announced a new apartment building in Upper Manhattan to be designed by eccentric designer Karim Rashid. For those familiar with Rashid, his apartment designs aren’t too far off from his flashy products.

Manhattan Rents Falling this Fall

NYC in Fall

For the second straight month, the median rental price of a Manhattan apartment declined from the same month last year, according to the October rental report by Elliman. The median rent in Manhattan for October was $3,150, a 1.6 percent drop from October 2012’s $3,200. Prior to September, Manhattan had seen 26 consecutive months of increased rents when compared to the same month from the previous year.

606 West 57th Street to be Largest Apartment Building in NYC

606 West 57th Street

Some massive developments have been hitting the market recently, but newly submitted plans to the city reveal what will become New York City’s largest apartment building. 606 West 57th Street in Midtown West will house a record 1,189 apartments in a single building if the proposed plan goes through.

Market-Rate and Affordable Greenpoint Rentals Get Commission Approval

Greenpoint Landing Rentals

On Wednesday November 6th, the City Planning Commission approved two residential construction projects along the Greenpoint waterfront in Brooklyn. The unanimous decision was made in spite of some voiced community indignation.

Tips for Renting a Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment

The studio apartment—one room, serving as the living room, bedroom and kitchen. To some, the idea of living in a small studio apartment can be overwhelming. The studio apartment is not for everyone, but for those who take the plunge, there are some things to know about what it takes to live the studio life successfully.