Cash Back On Your Online Rent Payments? Sure, Why Not?

Well, this is an interesting one. While many luxury rentals in Manhattan already allow renters to pay their rent online -- all of the rental buildings from Related Properties, such as The Sagamore and The Sierra, allow renters to pay online -- a new company named is offering NYC dwellers some pretty impressive incentives for paying rent online. At, Megan Mollmann has the story.

"While other existing Web sites help renters pay their rent on time through automatic credit card payments, the newly-launched is tacking on some eye-popping incentives, such as allowing roommates to split their payment online and cash-back opportunities to either shop online or pay back school loans," Mollmann reports. "Akin to accruing airline miles or credit card points, those who pay rent online and chose the cash-back option can graze on merchandise from hundreds of stores partnering with the site like Target, Home Depot, The Container Store, iTunes and the Gap."

Definitely interesting stuff, especially for anyone who has ever had to negotiate rent payments with a roommate.