Mid-Week Blogginess: Checking Out Chelsea's High Line Before It Was Chelsea, or the High Line

Ordinarily, as you've probably noticed, the Luxury Rentals Manhattan blog focuses on things having to do with -- for lack of a better phrase -- luxury rentals in Manhattan. This can mean news on the NYC real estate market or specific rental apartment listings, or it can mean news on new rental buildings or a bunch of other things. This also means that sometimes it's kind of predictable. So, let's work on that. More specifically, let's work on that by checking out some cool pictures of the High Line in Chelsea before it was the High Line, and before Chelsea was even fully Chelsea.

The High Line Blog lets us know what we're looking at in these shots. "They focus mainly on the Macy's Warehouse, which was located on the Northeast corner of 11th Avenue and 35th Street from 1922 until it was demolished to make way for the plaza across from the Jacob Javits center," High Line blogger Salmaan Khan writes. "You can see the High Line at the rail yards in many of the images, likely taken sometime in the mid to late 1930s, and scroll down for some images of the High Line under construction the first time around. Surrounded by trains, cars, construction, horse-drawn carriages and children, it's easy to imagine the need to get trains off street level. It's harder to imagine a Hershey's warehouse in midtown and fishing in the Hudson."

Even harder still is imagining all the luxury rental buildings, both in Chelsea and Clinton, that have grown up on those streets, and around the much-loved new High Line Park. Check the listings and try to imagine any of those modern luxury rental buildings on any of the streets shown in those pictures, and prepare to have your mind blown.

(Back to business as usual tomorrow, promise)