Getting In The Zone: Department of City Planning Considering Re-Zoning Tribeca To Create More Residential Space

There's a lot to like about Tribeca, which is home to some of the most distinctive-looking blocks in Manhattan, as well as some of NYC's finest restaurants, shopping and art galleries. All of which makes it even more of a pity that there are relatively few rental listings in Tribeca, relative to its neighbors. But while the existing building stock in Tribeca -- much of it a century old and safely landmarked -- will probably prevent it from becoming a luxury rental listing mecca like the Financial District (Tribeca's neighbor to the south) or Soho (its neighbor to the North), a long-awaited plan to re-zone the largely industrial northern part of Tribeca to allow for more residential development is beginning to make its way through the Dpeartment of City Planning and Community Board 1. If approved, the re-zoning of Tribeca could make for a boom in Tribeca apartment listings, and thus make it easier to find a place to live in one of Manhattan's coolest residential neighborhoods.

To be fair, there are already some very interesting new construction luxury rental buildings in Tribeca -- 121 Reade Street, Barclay Tower and Tribeca Tower stand out, but there are plenty more. But what makes Tribeca such an appealing place to live are its trademark lofts, most of which have been turned into condos over the past couple of decades. But turning old and under-utilized industrial spaces into loft-style apartments -- which would be the most likely result of the re-zoning plan -- could make it easier for those looking for Tribeca rental apartments to live in a more Tribeca-style fashion. For anyone looking for a place in Tribeca, this is a story to keep an eye on. Which means that we at the Luxury Rentals Manhattan blog will be doing just that.