Luxury Rentals Manhattan Makes Its Long-Awaited New York Gubernatorial Endorsement

Is it predictable? It is maybe a little predictable. But we at Luxury Rentals Manhattan would be remiss if we did not endorse Jimmy McMillan, the candidate -- and quite possibly sole member -- of The Rent Is Too Damn High party for governor of New York. In the hysterically chaotic New York State gubernatorial debate on Monday night -- imagine seven people talking over each other for an hour, only instead of it happening on the uptown 4 train, it happened in front of television cameras and everyone was wearing suits -- McMillan stood out for several reasons. There's the elaborate mustachio, visible in the adjacent picture. There were the black gloves, which McMillan chose to wear indoors for reasons he later explained to Gawker had something to do with his service in Vietnam. And of course there was his karate expertise and general Afrika Bambaataa-in-a-suit aesthetic and... honestly, you should just watch the video. Link after the jump.

Here are the 77 best-spent seconds of your day, via Buzzfeed. And here, briefly, is why we're endorsing McMillan for Governor: because rent, for the most part, is too damn high. It's possible that perhaps all McMillan really needs is a better sense of the no-fee Manhattan rental listings, but just because he doesn't know about them doesn't mean you can't browse our Manhattan rental listings by price, if you so choose. And support the candidate of your choice, of course. Just remember that there's only one out there who agrees with you 100% on Manhattan rents. And wears gloves indoors.