Village Hospital Converts Into Rental

130 West 12th Street, the West Village's newest rental, is open for businessGreenwich Village is home to many architectural gems, and St. Vincent's Hospital has always been one of the best. After one of its old employee residences, 130 West 12th Street, was converted to a condominium last year, it sold out almost immediately. Now, many of the owners are renting out their apartments at surprisingly reasonable prices. One of the latest projects, the redevelopment of a former hospital, has now become a luxury rental. There is plenty of rental space available at 130 W. 12th St, as it is taking over the market. In early August, the first rental unit popped onto the market, which then led to five more rental units on the market currently. With this new building set in place, there surely will be a boost in the real estate market, due to the number of increasing leasings.

With the many new developments emerging in Manhattan, it’s no surprised that Manhattan’s rental market is going strong. 130 W. 12th St. is surely contributing to the fast growing rate of residential properties and is offering rental units such as a 869 square-foot one bedroom for a reduced price of $7,300 and a 1,930 square-foot apartment for $25,000. It is unclear whether or not there’s a flip attempt happening with the apartment for sale that was sold in July because it is still in contract. However, this village condominium has a number of closings that were released to the public recently.

The real estate market is flourishing due to the many residential properties that are rising across the city, which has upped their mark in the real estate market, compared to the commercial properties. This increase is providing more living options for apartment hunters. With the number of rental units available at 130 W. 12th St. there is more than enough space for those looking for an amazing place to live. The most important thing is availability so that people would always have somewhere to turn, and this condominium is doing just that.