Harlem is HAPpening with Karim Rashid

HAP 4 Harlem Rentals

For the second time in less than a month, HAP Investments has announced a new apartment building in Upper Manhattan to be designed by eccentric designer Karim Rashid. For those familiar with Rashid, his apartment designs aren’t too far off from his flashy products.

A few weeks ago, HAP announced a mixed-use building at 1655 Madison Avenue in East Harlem. While the ground floor of the eight-story apartment building will be reserved for commercial space, the upper floors will have 19 apartments, 17 of which will be one-bedrooms and the final two being two-bedrooms. 1655 Madison Avenue is a block away from the northeast corner of Central Park.

HAP 6 Harlem
HAP 6: 1655 Madison Avenue

The building, which is currently being called HAP 6, is unique to say the least, and it will certainly stick out in the neighborhood, but to be fair, it would stand out nearly anywhere. The glitzy exterior of the project is only rivaled by the neon-sporting interiors.


1655 Madison
HAP 6: 1655 Madison Avenue

The other Karim Rashid designed building by HAP coming to Upper Manhattan is located at 653 West 187th Street. Though the press release claims that the building is in Inwood, it looks like it’s technically within the boundaries of Washington Heights. Either way, the Harlem based building will, just like HAP 6, stand out with its showy design.


HAP 4 Harlem

HAP 4: 653 West 187th Street


The 100-unit project, which is being called HAP 4, features a purple checkered facade with windows reminiscent of Tetris.

HAP 4: 653 West 187th Street
HAP 4: 653 West 187th Street


Karim Rashid, well-known for his prolific designs, had this to say:

I believe in moving the trends away from tired archetypes, and cold minimalism. I wanted to challenge the boundaries of design and to bring a fulgent vibrancy to the environment. Spaces should have a pulse, should sing and come alive around you, so that we feel inspired at revitalized.