The Pierre: Priciest NYC Rental Attracts an International Tenant

Image via Wikimedia Commons

This past Halloween, the 39th floor of the Pierre Hotel was declared the priciest NYC rental apartment with its monthly rent of $500,000 (which isn't too surprising).  As it turns out, an international renter just signed a lease for the rest of the month.  What’s even more, the renter rented an additional suite on the 10th floor, which even at just over a third of that of the 39th floor, still clocks in at $150,000 per month (by comparison, 15 Central Park West's apartments have gone as high as $125,000).


The 39th floor is actually made up of the Presidential Suite, plus several more bedrooms, which all together make a comfortable 4,686 square feet.  The Presidential Suite was available for lease on its own for $400,000 per month for a month-long Lease, as well as a regular nightly rate of $20,000.  Because the Pierre Hotel intends to issue leases on a month-to-month basis for the full-floor apartment, there’s no indicator as to how long the renter intends to stay.  In any case, the tenant will undoubtedly enjoy amenities like “a language-specific butler and concierge service and a chauffeur-driven Jaguar,” not to mention views of Central Park, and dining at Sirio Ristorante and Two E Bar/Lounge.

The previous record-holders for the city’s priciest rentals were the Jewel and Champagne Suites in the New York Palace Hotel, which each rented for $250,000, and came with a litany of benefits, including private car service via Maybach, massive terraces, and complimentary champagne.  The appropriately named Jewel Suite in particular boasts a curated collection of jewelry designed by Martin Katz.

Located in the Upper East Side Historic District, the Pierre was designated as a landmark in 1981.  With its opening in 1930, its market was made clear from the outset, with its intention to “create the atmosphere of a private club or residence instead of the average hotel atmosphere.”