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Top Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

Thinking of making an investment in real estate? If so, be sure not to dive in headfirst. As it turns out, it is not as simple as it appears. Although you may have done all your homework, don’t assume you are in the clear just yet. Below is a list of mistakes that new real estate investors commonly make. Check out the list to make sure you don’t fall for these traps too.


Wall Street Branching Out as Landlords

Wall Street Landlords Manhattan Real EstateUnder the current state of the Manhattan luxury rentals market, more and more investors are taking advantage of the prosperous opportunities and becoming landlords. And when it comes to savviness in investment opportunities, few sectors are as synonymous as Wall Street. According to the Wall Street Journal, several Wall Street firms have been bidding and successfully purchasing foreclosed properties and with the plans of converting them into short-term rentals. While many of these up-and-coming rentals may not come with concierge service or a rooftop terrace, the revenues they generate have the potentials to support and expand new residential developments in Manhattan.