Apartment rentals New York with Waterfront Esplanade

New Plans for Waterfront Along the East River in Murray Hill

Last week, plans to revive Waterside Pier were put into action along the East River in Murray Hill.  Officials hope to turn the area between 38th Street and 41st Street into a public park—a project funded through a $13 million payment from Con Edison, fulfilling its lease, explains the NYCEDC press release.  Luxury rental apartments available in Murray Hill will soon have some new, green waterfront space in the neighborhood.

And there you have it; the East River is getting a three-block makeover thanks to Mayor Bloomberg’s Waterfront Vision and Enhancement Strategy (WAVES) initiative.  The initiative was introduced back in May of 2011 and projected both long-term and short-term projects, all with goals to improve Manhattan’s waterfront space and give the city a sustainable blueprint.  The East River’s Waterside Pier was included in these plans and its development was kicked off early last week.