Another Reason Not to Settle for a Less-Than-Great Rental Apartment: Refrigerators as the New Closets?

Here at Luxury Rentals Manhattan, it's our job to help NYC dwellers find the right rental apartment in the right Manhattan neighborhood. Once said NYC dwellers have found said rental apartments, Luxury Rentals Manhattan exits stage left. All good.

But while we won't tell you what to do with your Manhattan rental apartment once you've finished your apartment search, we would like to make an exception to our usual rule to suggest, here, that you use your refrigerator for keeping foodstuffs cold. This doesn't seem like a controversial bit of advice, but an entertaining article by Alexis Swerdloff in the New York Post suggests that a new class of Manhattan "kitchenistas" have been forced to turn their refrigerators into additional closet space. This might be a good time to remind you that finding the right rental apartment in Manhattan is easier if you work with the right real estate agents, and that finding the wrong rental apartment in Manhattan could lead to... well, a flagrant misuse of your refrigerator.

"After a hard night on her feet as the manager of a busy downtown restaurant, Bari Musacchio heads to her NoLIta studio apartment, hangs up her coat, takes off her shoes — and puts them in her refrigerator," Swerdloff writes. "'I have one closet, and things were overflowing, so I started putting shoes in the fridge.'" Another reason to take your Manhattan apartment search seriously, then. And if you're looking for a rental apartment in Nolita, trust us: you can find one through the Luxury Rentals Manhattan apartment search that won't require, um, alternative refrigerator usage.