Luxury Rentals Manhattan Service Corner: Which Manhattan Neighborhoods Give You The Most When It Comes To Starbucks And/Or Peking Duck?

You can generally tell how well and how recently your LRM bloggers have been fed by our posts. If we've eaten a healthy lunch at a reasonable hour, you'll read about trends in the Manhattan real estate market. If we're peckish, or otherwise craving something unhealthy and preferably crispy, you just might read about how much good a new Shake Shack outpost can do for a given Manhattan neighborhood and the rental listings therein. Consider today the exception that proves the rule -- we're well-fed and properly caffeinated, but we're also rolling our chair over to the Luxury Rentals Manhattan service corner to link to a food- and drink-related blog post because... well, because we think it's kind of neat. And also because, if you're looking for a rental apartment in Manhattan, you might as well know if you're going to have an easy time ordering out for Chinese food or picking up a pumpkin spice latte. Which is to say, finally, that we have some answers on which NYC neighborhoods are the most rich in Chinese food, Starbucks, and other facts of New York City life. Those very important answers, after the jump.

The answers come via Curbed, which linked to the blog Very Small Array's groundbreaking -- or at least amusing -- examination of which Manhattan neighborhoods are the most rich in Starbucks and Chinese food, among other bits of semi-important demographic information. The answers... probably won't surprise you very much if you've been living in New York City for awhile, but they're amusing nonetheless. Manhattan's Starbucks champions -- and the most Starbucks-saturated neighborhood in the city -- is the Financial District, where Starbucks make up an impressive six percent of all restaurants in the neighborhood. Turtle Bay, the United Nations-adjacent Murray Hill enclave, is just a step behind at five percent. If your Manhattan apartment search has taken you to the streets of our fair city, you already know that it's not difficult to find a Starbucks anywhere in Manhattan, but here you have the two neighborhoods in which it's easiest.

The Chinese food data is not the most surprising, either. Predictably, the outer boroughs dominate, here, with the sprawling Chinatown in Flushing goosing that Queens neighborhood's percentage of Chinese restaurants per capita up to a still-stunning 35 percent. Much of Manhattan trails far behind that, with neighborhoods such as Clinton and Soho sitting at just two percent. Manhattan's champ, here, is the Lower East Side -- which, yes, includes Chinatown -- and clocks in with a respectable 22 percent. And with that, the exception-that-proves-the-rule might've disproved itself. Because we are hungry, all of a sudden.