The Far West Side: An Up and Coming Manhattan Neighborhood

NYC Luxury Apartments - Chelsea Listings Most Manhattan neighborhoods have developed into neighborhoods with their own sets of rules, their own feel, unique reputation, and style. Typically, New Yorkers can travel from one area of the big city to another and have a completely different experience that is fantastic in its own way, but the Far West Side of New York City has been lagging when it comes to having its own unique personality and lively residential neighborhood.

The space between Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen never really had a name or a purpose other than housing storage buildings that took up an entire block of space, gas stations, and parking lots. If you did live there, you’d have to walk south into Chelsea or north into Hell’s kitchen just to get to a place that was actually a successful neighborhood with things to do and places to eat and run errands explains the NY Post.

More recently, the Far West Side has been growing as a Manhattan neighborhood. There are quite a few popular rental buildings in the area between 28th Street and 42nd Street, which are bringing more New Yorkers to that side of town and helping the environment to grow. Popular luxury rental facilities can be found on the Far West Side including Silver Towers, the Emerald Green, and 505 W. 37th: rental buildings that add hundreds of luxury apartments to the neighborhood with high-end finishes and plenty of space. The great thing about all of these rental buildings is that they come as basically brand new with a ton of really cool amenities like fully-equipped gyms, screening and game rooms, and rooftop decks. These types of luxury rental buildings can’t be found in Hell’s Kitchen to the north and are more expensive in Chelsea to the south, giving New Yorkers the chance to live between the two neighborhoods, making a pretty sweet compromise.

A neighborhood that has basically just taken up space is now becoming something very different. In the past, residents would go there because of convenience when it came to price, but now as luxury rental buildings are growing in the neighborhood, the Far West Side is becoming more popular. For those looking to compromise between Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea, the Far West Side is the neighborhood to check out. Soon, it will be near the top of Manhattan’s “Most Popular Neighborhood’s” list as its popularity continues to grow.