Hudson Square: The Little NYC Area That Could

NYC Luxury Rentals - Hudson SquareWhat was once New York City’s premier printing neighborhood is now one of New York City’s best up-and-coming finds. Hudson Square is a modest stretch of land bordered by Greenwich Village, TriBeCa and SoHo in downtown Manhattan. More specifically, Hudson Square (also referred to by its lesser known name West Soho) runs from West Houston Street and Canal Street and sits between 6th Avenue and the Hudson River. Hudson Square contains the largest concentrations of early 19th century Federalist and Greek revival style row houses, and as the area continues to boom commercially with investors and vendors, luxury rental apartments near Hudson Square are steadily gaining popularity.

Hudson Square's development is redefining the neighborhood as a great combination of neighborhood charms, history and convenience. Located just north of the entrance to the Holland tunnel, Hudson Square connects downtown Manhattan with Jersey City, New Jersey, and provides an expedient commute between the two popular areas. St. John’s Park - an early 17th century square found by the Dutch colony in the area - and the New York City Fire Museum are just two of the many historical sites within walking distance of the lower Manhattan apartments. This old printing neighborhood has been traditionally viewed as a gritty area of downtown Manhattan, but that is beginning to change. Aside from its old-school charms, Manhattan's Hudson Square is steadily becoming an area favored by media and creative-sector professionals, and is developing into a booming retail sector. From hedge fund headquarters to British sandwich shops, the number of upcoming developments in and around Hudson Square is something which real estate watchers are beginning to take note of.

With Hudson Square's rise, it may be safe to posit greater interest in the area's rental apartments. The popularity of these buildings is likely to rise with the continued commercial development of Hudson Square, and the number of luxury buildings is slowly rising with the area's stock. Those residing in nearby luxury rental apartments, such as Truffles Tribeca on 34 Desbrosses Street, will soon be able to take full advantage of what this growing neighborhood is primed to offer. The many amenities offered at 55 Thomson Street, from the 1,600 square foot rooftop sun deck to the on-site state-of-the-art fitness center, are services that you can expect from Manhattan luxury rental apartments. Meanwhile, 600 Washington in the nearby West Village is surrounded by beautiful cobblestone-paved streets and provides easy access hundreds of the city’s cultural expeditions. The lofts and townhouses at 600 Washington Street are also growing in appeal now that Hudson Square is rapidly shifting gears. With its excellent location near so many stalwart Manhattan neighborhoods, and its growing cultural and residential stock, Hudson Square is turning into an NYC area to keep an eye on.