Top 3 Manhattan neighborhoods where people will likely want to live in 2023

Rising costs in the city have made it harder for people to afford living in the neighborhoods they've always wanted. As a result, renters and buyers are now considering areas outside of their initial preferences. The next three neighborhoods experienced the most significant increase in interest among renters.

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is situated on the eastern side of Manhattan, spanning the area between 42nd and 53rd Streets and extending eastward from Lexington Avenue to the East River. This detail is significant because, due to its proximity to the United Nations, the presence of majestic tree-lined streets, and its unique international ambiance, Turtle Bay occasionally gives the impression of existing beyond the confines of Manhattan itself. In spite of its incredibly central position within Manhattan, Turtle Bay possesses an invitingly relaxed atmosphere, characterized by a strong sense of community, making it an exceptionally sought-after residential enclave in the city.
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Murray Hill

Murray Hill encompasses the area between Gramercy to the south and 42nd Street to the north, bordered by Fifth Avenue and Second Avenue. However, its distinct atmosphere sets it apart from any other place in Manhattan. Vibrant and brimming with youthful energy compared to its neighboring districts, Murray Hill boasts a lively array of bars and restaurants along Third Avenue, accompanied by a diverse range of shopping choices that span from eclectic boutiques to renowned retail chains. Within this enclave, it's notably more effortless to discover an enjoyable time – perhaps a satisfying burger and beer – than in any other district north of 14th Street. Surprisingly, it's equally uncomplicated to come across traditional high-end Manhattan rental apartments. The demand from young professionals has catalyzed a surge in the construction of modern luxury rental buildings, leading to a generous supply of available rental units in Murray Hill.
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Hardly any districts in Manhattan hold as much symbolic significance or are as deeply ingrained in the broader concept of New York City as Harlem. Extending from one side of the island to the other, Harlem occupies the space between 158th Street and a southern boundary that remains the subject of ongoing debate. However, Harlem transcends mere geographical bounds, embodying a dynamic and tangible slice of living history. It exists as a place that's as vividly alive within the imagination as it is in the physical realm. Virtually every street in Harlem carries the weight of New York City's past, showcasing an abundance of national landmarks that encompass everything from John D. Rockefeller's expansive Dunbar Apartments to the legendary Apollo Theater and the historically significant townhouses that make up Striver's Row.
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