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Top Rental Real Estate Predictions for NYC in 2016

The Living Room at Sky 605 West 42nd Street

Photo: The Living Room at 605 West 42nd Street

A new year has begun and rental predictions for NYC real estate in 2016 are already dynamic seedlings of thought. Although the city is a shapeshifting landscape with equally elusive intangible and concrete trends, it’s still fun to forecast the future.

Startups Think Outside The Box with Micro-apartments and Communal Living Developments

View from downtown Manhattan, overlooking Brooklyn

Photo: Luxury Real Estate Manhattan's view from downtown overlooking Brooklyn

Innovative office space startup extends their business strategy to living spaces, representing a shift in lifestyle needs for New York buyers.

Neighborhood Primer: Williamsburg vs. Park Slope?

Photo of a living room in a luxury rental apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

2015 has been a banner year for the Brooklyn rental market. As rents in Manhattan finally reached their tipping point, residents have been flocking to Brooklyn, causing the borough’s rental costs to rapidly increase. That said, Brooklyn is still on the rise, and if you’re looking for a luxury rental in 2016, the options are endless.