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Competition to Build Manhattan's Tallest Residential Building Sprouts

Manhattan Luxury Condos - Tallest Building NYCBragging rights for building the tallest building in the world have been passed back and forth several times. The most recent country to own these bragging rights is Dubai with the Burj Khalifa rising 2,700-feet into the sky and it is likely they’ll have these rights for a long time; they’ve been passed over from New York to Chicago to Malaysia and then Taiwan. Everyone has their eye on the prize of being able to say that they had a hand in creating the world’s tallest building.

In Manhattan, it may be a while until we can take back the title of the city that owns the world’s tallest building, but builders in New York City have developed a friendly competition amongst each other, a competition to build Manhattan’s tallest residential building. Frank Gehry’s 8 Spruce Street, a luxury rental condominium currently holds the title of tallest residential building in Manhattan, soaring 870-feet into the Manhattan skyline. This year, 8 Spruce Street outgrew Donald Trump’s Trump World Tower as Manhattan’s tallest residential building, but it may not be holding the title for much longer.