Phase Two of the High Line to be Completed Next Spring

Watch out Chelsea: the second part of the High Line will be complete next spring and along with it will come more attention to your luxury Manhattan rentals.  With the first phase of the project already open, alive and bustling with NYC dwellers and tourists alike some 30 feet above Chelsea, this old railway turned public park is a pretty unique part of New York City. Ten more blocks of High Line, running from 20th Street up to 30th Street in Chelsea, promise to deliver the same benefits as the first stretch: unmatched Hudson River views, a lively hangout scene, beautiful local grasses and plants, and -- perhaps most important for Luxury Rentals Manhattan's purposes -- a serious boost for the luxury rental listings lucky enough to sit in the portion of Chelsea nearest The High Line.

Plans for phase two are ambitious, and promise to bring even more people to Chelsea and its rental market. Starting with the Chelsea Thicket on 20th Street, phase two of the High Line will have a lawn and seating steps at 23rd Street, as well as the Woodland Flyover which will stretch from 24th Street to 27th Street.  On 26th Street there are plans for a Viewing Spur that looks out from the middle of 10th Avenue.  As you walk north through High Line park, you will wind up in a Wildflower Field (Warning: those with allergies should maybe avoid this section.).  Phase two of High Line park ends at the 30th Street Cut-Out.

With all of this being added to the already popular phase one of the High Line, we wonder what there could be left to do for the yet-to-be-approved phase three of the project, but we're not worried. With the impressive work that has been done so far and these plans already out for next spring, we are excited to see things take shape over in Chelsea.  Those Chelsea rental apartments nearest to phase two of the High Line -- most notably Chelsea Place and The Tate -- are no doubt pretty excited, too!