Update: Dock Street Site In DUMBO

Big news in Brooklyn: Two Trees Management Company began building on the Dock Street site in DUMBO. This building had received plentiful opposition because it will be blocking views of the Brooklyn Bridge. Celebrities even chimed into the decided opposition with protesters including, Helen Hunt, Gabriel Byrne, Gary Sinise, Ana Gasteyer, and more. Surviving this opposition, the Dock Street mixed-use building is currently ascending into the rendering that was released late last year.

This soon-to-be LEED certified building will be 17 stories on the eastern end of it’s property line, nine stories running along-side Water Street, and the shortest building stands at seven-stories.  The new DUMBO superstructure is also to possess parking for people visiting the Brooklyn Bridge and 290 units, of it’s residential units this building will be embracing 58 affordable rental units. Development of this project also includes a 50,000 square foot 300 seat middle school for local children.

Applications for the affordable rental units are available now, and have an application deadline of April 7th, 2014. Within the application are the details of housing income, necessary to be considered as a resident, these apartments are available at 40% and 50% of the average monthly income in the neighborhood. Average cost per affordable-unit could be anywhere from $500-$1,000 pending on family size and income approval. Units will be move in ready in the beginning of 2015.

“... this project is a model for showcasing how public-private partnerships between developers and the City can result in a built environment that more effectively meets the needs of the surrounding community.” according to Two Trees. Two Trees also hopes that this building will show that the private sector can inturn help the city by developing public infrastructure, resulting in the city saving money.

Granted that there was a large stall to this project, and opposition was heavy, some think that the city approval came from the fact that a school is being erected within the plans. However it may have happened, opposition in NYC is not foreign when it comes to large scale projects such as this. Opposed parties of the Dock Street site have now fallen to the wayside clearly, as this building is forming at a determined speed and we’ll all soon see the finished product in no time.